Afishlure: 14 cm Soft Plastics

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If you are looking for a good soft plastic for Mulloway, look no further as these 14 cm paddle tail soft plastics are awesome. I use these lures in the Gold Coast Seaway and do very well on school jew and large Dusky Flathead.  

Product Details:

Brand: kingwow

Model: Soft Lure SL003

Lure Type: Soft Fishing Lure

Lure Weight: 17g 

Lure Length:140mm 

3 Colors: Green / Gold / White

Quantity: 3Pcs/Lot  (3Pcs/Bag)



Item Weight: 30g

Package Weight: 50g

Package Including: 3pcs* Fishing Lure  (3Pcs/Bag)

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