95 mm Paddle Tail Plastics

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These 95 mm Paddle Tail Plastics are a little different in their color schemes and shape. They are a little rounder and thicker in the head section and go down to a nice soft tail with plenty of action. They are also a little tougher than most plastics and won't fall apart after the first fish unless they have teeth. If you are after a plastic that is a little different these paddle tails are worth a try.


Item specifics

  • Brand Name: Amlucas
  • Category: Soft Plastic
  • Position: Ocean, River, Rock Fishing, Canals, Bays
  • Type: Silicone bait
  • Length:9.5cm/3.74in
  • Weight:5.1g/0.011lb
  • Quantity:5pcs/lot
  • Package: Amlucas Unique packaging

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