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Wahoo Trolling

Wahoo Trolling

Chasing Wahoo.

Well, its that time of year again when the Wahoo start to show up here off the Gold Coast. I love chasing these speedsters especially on light gear, man can these fish make any reels scream! There are a couple of different ways to catch these fish. But before we get into that you will need to find warm clean blue water, you will not find them in the murky green water.

Live Bait Fishing.

If there is a lot of bait around and not much wind I like to slow troll a pattern of four livies with two down deep running off downriggers and the other two running shallow

off the riggers. When you find a big bait school, catch that bait and use it! When I am trolling with live baits I am only trolling very slow so I don't drown the livies.

Stay around the bait schools and don't give up, the speedsters will be there somewhere, and more than likely a Marlin or Mahi Mahi will be in the area and these fish also respond well to live baits only the wire trace might make them a bit shy. The rig below I use for toothy critters.

The Favourite Way to Catch Wahoo.

The most common way to catch these fish is high speed trolling (10 to 20 knots). I am not a fan of this method but a lot of people are and it does work very well.

To high-speed troll you will need a good sturdy 24 kg outfit with a good drag as trolling lures at high speeds will put a lot of strain on your rod, reel, and line.

When trolling at high speeds most people run heavy head skirted lures such as Hex Heads rigged on a wire, as Wahoo have very sharp teeth. I only use this method

if it is a calm day and only when I am traveling between reefs you just never know what you will pick up between reefs.

My Way Of Fishing For Speedsters.

My way is simple and easy and you won't burn through a heap of fuel!! Once again its trolling but what I do here in southeast Queensland is I head out to the

26-fathom line and make sure the water is blue and at least 24.c. Now I put out a pattern of Halco lures mixed colors on a short wire trace, I put two deep divers (6 to 8 meters) in close and two shallow runners (1 to 2 meters) out wide (riggers). Then I start trolling south with the current at 6 knots and I usually do best late afternoon say 3 pm to dark. Not many troll this slow for these fish but it works very well and does not put as much stress on your gear and boat as high speed does! 

Very Welcome Bycatch.

A lot of Wahoo get caught when trolling for Marlin so the other lures that work very well for them are skirted lures trolled around 6 to 7 knots. The only

problem is when trolling for Marlin we don't use wire traces so quite often we will get bitten off, and if we do manage to get the fish the lure has often been torn

to shreds. As Marlin skirts are quite expensive we don't usually use them for Wahoo.

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