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Sea Fishing Rigs

Sea Fishing Rigs.

I am going to let you know what sea fishing rigs I use for my offshore fishing adventures. Tips on where to use them with what bait and what species I catch when using these different fishing rigs.

Paternoster Rig.

The Paternoster Rig is one of the most commonly used sea fishing rigs for offshore fishing as it will catch a very large variety of fish. It can be made with one hook or three hooks, just make sure you know your rules for the area you are fishing! When making Paternoster Rigs you can either use swivels for your branch lines or tie a simple knot to make a loop for your hooks. When I make my Paternoster Rigs I use three hooks with lumo tube or beads to attract fish in the deep blue water.  I find this rig works very well on the reefs out wider 60 to 100 meters for most reef fish such as Pearl Perch, Snapper, Small Yellowtail Kingfish, Jobfish, etc.

TIP / When using a Paternoster rig in deep water use circle hooks for best hookups and Squid or fresh fillets. You don't want to wind up from 90 meters + because your soft Pilchard fell off after you had a picker! 

Float lining Rig.

A float lining rig is one of the best sea fishing rigs you will come across for chasing a very large variety of fish in all depths, from the back of the surf for Tailor, Salmon to over the contentinal shelf for Yellowfin Tuna. This is the rig I use the most because one of my all-time favorite fish to chase is Big Snapper and I find most of my big fish will hit a slow sinking Yakka or Slimie (small fish bait) high up in the water column. To make a float lining rig is very simple all you need is some trace and a small sinker and two octopus hooks snelled. Now the hook, sinker and leader size will depend on what species you are chasing and the bait you are using.

Example / When I am chasing Snapper I use a 40-pound trace with a small lumo bead on the top hook which is 5/0 octopus and the sinker depends on the current. That is something you are going to work out for selves. Try not to use a sinker if there is no or little current! 

The float lining rig is one of the best sea fishing rigs around as it will catch a lot of fish such as Dolphin fish, Snapper, Cobia, Mackerel to name a few, Just about any fish that swims in the top half of the water column.

Here Are My Sea Fishing Rigs I Use For Live Baiting.

1 / My first live baiting rig for offshore is the good old running sinker rig with a pair of snelled 7/0 hooks and this rig is great for fishing around the edges of the reefs when chasing Mulloway, Big Reds, Cobia, and Cod. This rig is no good for fishing on top of a reef as it has to lay on the bottom to work properly. So no good for fishing on top of snaggy reefs but right beside them, it is bloody fantastic.

2 / This one is my favorite as I use it when drifting over reefs looking for the same fish as described in rig one. The only difference with this rig is it does not stay on the bottom I drop it to the bottom then wind up about 1 meter then put the rod in the rod holder in gear and wait until the rod tip hits the water!

That is the only way I know I am on. Ok, this rig is just a bigger version of the float lining rig with an 80-pound leader 2 x 7/0 snelled octopus hooks, one big green bead on the top hook and a size 8-ounce sinker to hold the live bait straight under the boat while I am drifting over the reefs.

I hope these sea fishing rigs help with your offshore fishing adventures.

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