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Fishing the Gold Coast

Fishing the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Broadwater.

The Gold Coast Broadwater is an awesome fishing and boating paradise. The Gold Coast area of Australia is situated on the South East coast of Queensland, and one of the most beautiful and active parts of the Coast is it's Broadwater. The Broadwater sits at the Northern end, between Southport and Runaway Bay and there are many boat launching places around the Broadwater for trailer boats, plus anchorage for houseboats. The Broadwater also gives access to the Nerang and Coomera Rivers, from there to many kilometers of canals and man-made waterways. Along the southern end of the Broadwater, cutting out into the sea is the piece of land known as the

Spit, this is where the Seaway entrance is. The Spit is where you will find Versace, Seaworld, a large marina that houses both recreational boats and the professional fishing fleet also, at the end of the

Spit is a long jetty that is popular for fishermen and their families. The Spit divides the calm Broadwater from the ocean side. At the mouth of the Spit there is a rock wall which is a favorite place for fishing of the rocks for anybody who does not have access to a boat, Along the rocks is also popular with divers and snorkelers, it is also a hop off place for surfers who want to get over to South Stradbroke Island, it is just a quick paddle across, of course they need to be very careful dodging the boats coming and going. The Broadwater is definitely a favorite playground for the Gold Coast, on any given day during summer you can see seaplanes taking off and landing, Seaworld tourist helicopters, jet boats giving thrill rides, watercraft of all types, aqua ducks, kites surfers etc, etc. On the mainland side there are several netted and enclosed areas for swimming and games, plus parklands and playgrounds suitable for the whole family to enjoy, The Gold Coast Broadwater can become a very busy place in the summer, and therefore it is essential for safety that boaties and fishermen understand and abide by the rules and regulations. The Broadwater channel is well marked with buoys and lights etc for safe navigation, though passing through the seaway can still be quite challenging at times and that is when some local knowledge is invaluable. So take care and enjoy.

Fishing The Gold Coast Seaway With Lures.

There is plenty of fish to be caught in the seaway on lures. Here is a guide on what lures to use, species to catch and where to chase them in the Gold Coast Seaway.  First of all, I like my topwater fishing in the seaway so we will start with that.

In the photo above are some of my favorite 4 to 6-inch surface lures for the GC Seaway. These type of lures I cast off the end of the south wall into the whitewater on a run in tide (late afternoon) for Tailor, Trevally and at times Yellowtail kingfish. Its just easy fun fishing. This bigger surface lures also work well out of a boat casting hard up against the north wall on a run in tide over summer for large Tailor, mixed Trevally species and sometimes a Mangrove Jack.

The smaller surface lures also work well around the seaway for those smaller schooling Trevally (Bigeye and GT's) These small surface lures I tend to use from a boat to chase around those smaller fish when they're in a feeding frenzy.

Metal slugs of mixed sizes and colors are a very useful lure for fishing the Gold Coast Seaway south wall, once again for Tailor, Trevally and Aussie Salmon in winter. Chase these species at the end of the wall casting into the whitewash and retrieve fast, also on a run in tide.

This is something different I do not see anyone doing this and they should. In this method, all you do is slow troll a shallow running hardbody lures along the Gold Coast Seaway north wall. But for this to work the north wall needs to have a little white water along with it and needs to be a very early morning or late afternoon. The tide should be running in and you should be trolling with the current as close as possible to the wall without being dangerous.  This is a great way to find big Tailor, Nice GT's, Mangrove jacks in summer and lots of smaller Trevally, Tailor and good sized Yellowtail Kingfish in winter.

Blades are another fun way to fish the seaway with a boat, I like to use all sorts of Blades Jigging the pipe over a tide change high or low. We tend to catch a lot of Trevally mixed sizes doing this but we also catch a lot of small Jew of the pipe on a low tide with blades. Just be careful fishing the pipe you will lose a lot of gear.

Soft Plastics are another great way to fish the seaway over winter as most guys jig the pipeline out of a small boat on a run in tide for Mulloway and very large Flathead. When Soft plastic fishing the Gold Coast Seaway we usually use a 6-inch curl tail plastic on a 1 oz jig head for Mulloway and Flathead.

Micro jigging is the latest craze and working very well offshore and inshore, the guys fishing the seaway with these are doing very well on a number of species. Again fishing a run in tide out of a boat is best for micro jigging the seaway, Ok let's start at the end of the north wall where there is a deep hole that holds a lot of Mulloway. The guys like to use a 40 to 60-gram micro jig there because it fishes better on a racing in tide, the downside is you will lose a lot of jigs as you drift out of the hole and along the rocks. The next place is the pipe where most guys jig, the jig size here can change depending on current we use anything from 20 to 60 grams flutter jigs and catch Trevally, Tailor, Yellowtail Kingfish and Mulloway.

Tip / If your going to try Micro Jigging take your time and by a proper Micro Jig rod. It will help with your jigging!

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