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How To Fish the Gold Coast Seaway.

How To Fish the Gold Coast Seaway.

Fishing the Gold Coast Seaway.

The Gold Coast Seaway is an amazing place to fish with many species to chase at different times of the year for both lure and bait fisherman, from either the shore or a boat. The two main species people like to chase in the seaway are Mulloway and Trevally, but there are a lot of other species to chase, I will talk more on these later, For now, I will give you some tips on how and where to chase Trevally and Mulloway in the Gold Coast Seaway.

How To Catch Mulloway In The Gold Coast Seaway.

Ok, chasing Mulloway in the seaway is a lot of fun on either baits or lures, and the main way is to drop live baits on the pipe and to do this you will need a boat that can either go offshore to get live baits or small enough to chase Pike over the shallow grass beds.

My boat is 4.5 meters and able to go offshore and fish for pike, just a good size boat. Now people will tell you different times to fish the pipe for jewies but I find the best times are 1 hour before and after any tide change. I usually find late afternoon and night better as there is less traffic but you will hook Mulloway throughout the day. When fishing the pipe I like to anchor around 20 meters away from the pipe and use the current to bounce my live baits back towards the pipe. A lot of guys nowadays use electric engines with spot lock to fish right on top of the pipe which is great but has a higher chance of being broken off around the pipe by a good fish. 

When I lure fish the Gold Coast Seaway for Jewies I like to use a 6 inch grub tail soft plastic with a 1 ounce jig head and fish over a tide change at day or night, all I do is find a good show of fish on my sounder over the pipe and slow drift that area making my plastic bounce along the bottom. That's it. If you are land-based, fishing off the end of the southern rock wall on a run-out tide late afternoon and into the night is a good spot for Mulloway, especially after heavy rain. Big fresh dead and live baits will work well here and so will big soft plastics.

How To Catch Trevally In The Gold Coast Seaway.

Trevally is quite easy to catch in the seaway and usually there all year round. Basically, to chase trevs in the seaway you will need the top half

of the run in tide, high water and the first hour of the run-out. Trevally will respond to a large variety of lures but the main ones are

metal slugs for the land-based fisherman as these have a bit of weight to them for casting a long distance. When the Trevally are around you will

usually see them breaking the surface with plenty of birds in the area and all you do is cast towards the schooling fish and wind fast. 

Just remember the saying match the hatch! in other words, try to match your lure to the bait the fish are feeding on for best results.

If you are in a boat life is a bit easier as you can follow the schools around, remember to stay casting distance away DO NOT DRIVE INTO THE SCHOOL!

as this will spook the fish. As a boat fisherman, you can use a variety of lures for trevally in the Gold Coast seaway such as Micro jigs, Blades, Soft Plastics,

Stick Baits, Poppers, and Metal Slugs. My favorite way is to use 4 inch floating Sticks Baits at night over a high tide around the pipe. Good Fun!!

I have caught GT's up to 5 kg and been blown away by a lot of bigger ones. You can also catch a lot of small Bigeye Trevally.

How To Catch Tailor In The Gold Coast Seaway.

Tailor is another fun fish to catch in the seaway and the will respond to baits and lures but I will only talk about lures for now.

If you are fishing off the southern rock wall fish out at the end and cast into the white water as Tailor will use this as cover. I

like to use 40 to 60-gram metal slugs for this as I can get a good cast but saying that 6-inch floating Stick baits also work very well

on larger Tailor in amongst the white water but you will need a good outfit to cast these as they are a light lure. Early morning and

late afternoon over a high tide works best.

The boat fisherman can hit the north wall at the same times and tides, the only difference is that you will be casting you floating Stick Baits, or

Poppers up onto the rocks when the waves break on the rocks and let the white water bring your lure back down off the rocks and this is when

you start working your lure back towards the boat. The reason you throw your lure onto the rocks is when it is washed off the rocks, your lure is

hard up against the ledge and that is where the bigger Tailor are cruising. So work your lure from hard against the rock ledge to around 20 feet out

and if you don't get hit in there wind up fast and repeat. 

How To Catch Sharks In The Gold Coast Seaway.

Shark fishing has really taken off over the last couple of years but not everybody can afford all the expensive gear for chasing large sharks off the beach.          

So I am going to teach you how to catch small to medium sharks almost every time you chase them in the seaway and it is very simple. Ok, you will need either live or

fresh dead baits, a 15 kg outfit and a 100 to 200-pound wire trace with a circle 8/0 to 10/0. This will work all year round but I find winter best with a cold

westerly wind to keep the water calm. This only works at night with a run out tide. If you are land-based fish off the end of the southern rock wall at night on a run-out tide with a westerly wind just float your dead bait out under a balloon off the rocks which is easy with a run-out tide and a westerly wind. I bet you will hook a Whaler between 3 to 8 feet if you give it a good go!

If you are fishing from a boat drop anchor around 70 feet right of the tip of the north wall and also put a fresh dead bait under a balloon and let it go

out into the darkness. The other thing I want you to do is put a live bait down (TREVALLY) if possible, just cut his tail fins short so he kicks like mad but

doesn't swim all over the ocean. Over the winter months you will catch a lot of Whaler sharks but if you do this at summer (watch the weather) you will

catch Bull Sharks, Hammerheads and Tigers. I have landed 8 foot Tiger, Bull sharks and 10 foot + Hammerheads doing this over summer. Also been smoked by bigger.

So please be careful when chasing Sharks at night.

TIP / The underwater light below is great for attracting bait (Pike, Squid, etc) around the shallow banks in the Broadwater.

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