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How to catch Tailor.

How to catch Tailor.

How To Catch Tailor Fish.

There are several ways how to catch tailor and most people use a whole Pilchard on ganged hooks fishing in the surf.

What I am going to do is run you through some of the most common and uncommon ways to catch Tailor fish I hope you enjoy these basic but fun ways to catch Tailor.

The Gear For Tailor.

Depending on where you are chasing Tailor the most common outfit is a 13-foot surf rod with a 6 inch Alvey filled with 10 or 15 kg mono, this outfit is most commonly used when fishing the surf gutters with Pilchards. If you are lure fishing for them most guys nowadays use a 10-foot carbon fiber rod with a 5000 to 8000 sized spin reel spooled with 300 yards of 10 kg braid an awesome outfit for firing those metal slugs right out. But I use a 6'6 light spin stick with a 2500 spin reel spooled with 10 lb braid for fishing in the surf! More on this later!! 

Back To Basics.

Back to the good old way of fishing for Tailor which is putting a whole Pilchard on a set of Ganged hooks. When bait fishing for Tailor fish most guys like to fish surf gutters late afternoon and into the night and here in southeast Queensland winter time is best. When bait fishing for them, a 13-foot rod and Alvey seems to be the best outfit and the rig is very simple it is just a running sinker rig with a size 6 ball sinker, a small strong swivel with a 2 foot 30 lb leader with a set of ganged hooks. Size of the hooks depends on the size of the Pilchard you are using! 4/0 is a common hook size.

How To Catch Tailor Fish On Lures.

Using lures for these fish is a lot of fun and first, off I will run you through the good old basic way of how to catch Tailor Fish on lures. This time your outfit is a little different I prefer to use a good 10-foot spin stick with a 6000 spin reel as this type of outfit can fire those 40 to 80-gram metal slugs half a mile. Now like bait fishing you need to find a good gutter late afternoon and just start at one end of the gutter and walk along casting until you get hits and then just work that area. If the sun goes down keep casting you will be amazed at how many fish you will catch after dark on lures.

The Lures.

The lures for Tailor fishing are very simple with the most common ones just being Metal Slugs, I find 40 to 80 grams are the best sizes and I use a mix of slugs for these fish as I find they respond to different colors and shapes on different days. The other lures I use are stick baits around 4 to 6 inch, color does not matter and night time with stick baits is awesome fun fishing.

My Way!!!

This is my way on how to catch Tailor Fish! Now back to my little 6'6 foot rod and 2500 spin reel I use this small outfit because I like to be in a boat fishing the surf gutters. Let me explain over our winter months we get westerly winds which are offshore for us so the ocean is flat (no swell). So I take my 4.5-meter open boat into the surf gutters with a friend and with one person always driving the other person is casting 4-inch stick baits onto the beach and working the lures back towards the boat. The reason we throw onto the beach is we find the bigger Tailor in the shallow white water about knee deep! We find more big Tailor in knee deep water than anywhere else along the beach. Once again late afternoon works best and night time is bloody awesome with surface lures

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