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Mackerel On Surface.

Mackerel On Surface.

Mackerel Spinning With Surface Lures.

I  have been getting tired of fishing for Mackerel the same old way year after year, we troll hardbody lures and sometimes bait for these fish

which works very well when you are just after a good feed. But for me and a few people, I know we chase them for sport (catch and release)

so I thought this year is going to be different! Instead of trolling the same old lures I will be doing something that has not taken off on

the Gold Coast YET! This year I plan on casting for these fish a lot, I know other parts of the world do this very successfully

and a lot of people use this method when chasing big Macs up north around the shallow reefs. It is going to be interesting if it will be

successful using it off the Gold Coast in deeper water?

The Method.

This method is only fairly new to South East Queensland and I am looking forward to giving it a good test this year.

I have used it many times up north with great success and watching Mackerel hit a surface lure is something all fishermen

need to try at least once.

Ok, the method is casting Stick Baits, That's it! For this to work well off the Gold Coast I am going to need to find bait

schools on the shallow reef systems (12 to 24 fathoms) then just slow drift over the bait while casting and fast retrieving

the Stick Bait. Lots of casting involved but well worth it if you can find a school of Macs. Watching a Spanish

getting air is an awesome sight!! and for some reason, they tend to fight a lot harder when hooked off the surface. 

The Lures For Mackerel.

The Stick Baits can vary in size and color, Mackerel are not that fussy when chasing a fast-moving lure but I do add a short

60-pound single strand wire to the lure only as a bight trace and I put single hooks on as these do less damage to the fish

and are a lot safer to get out instead of trebles. I don't like poppers for this as I find these fish respond better to

a fast moving lure.

My Outfit.

The rod and reel I am going to use for this are a 7'6 Palms 10 to 15 spin stick with a Shimano Sustain 10000 reel spooled

with a very thin 15 kg braid (Shimano Ocea Braid) With a 3 meter 60-pound mono trace. This outfit will cast a fairly light 

Stick bait a long way and is heavy enough to handle a big Mackerel, Tuna, Wahoo, etc.  

I will start using this method 2 weeks after the new year and all the way up until the end of March.

Let's hope its a good season! 

Will this work??? What are your thoughts?

What about at night?

Posted by S.G

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