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Fishing for Mahi Mahi

 Fishing for Mahi Mahi

Fishing For Mahi Mahi.

Mahi Mahi is one of my favorite fish to chase because there are many different methods to catch these fish so it does not get boring doing the same old thing.

The other reasons I like to catch Dolphin fish is their fighting ability and they are awesome table fish.


When I start chasing Dolphin fish here on the Gold Coast it is usually the end of November and I look for blue clean water with a temperature around 23.c +.

One of the easiest ways to catch Dolphin fish is to troll for them and they will respond to a large variety of trolled lures but my favorite is to troll a pattern of five skirted lures in mixed colors usually the brighter color lures furtherest from the boat will get hit first.

When I start trolling I will find clean warm blue water before I deploy the lures, Once I find the water and put the lures out I just drive from reef to reef looking for bait, coral spawn or other debris on the water which Dolphin Fish will use for cover. Once  I find bait or debris I just work that area.

TIP: Floating debris work for 1/2 to 1 hour then move on. 

Bait schools stay with all day! 

When I am trolling I do it at 6 knots with skirted lures and diving lures, my speed only changes when I troll live and dead baits. 


Fad stands for fish attracting device, which are great places  to find Dolphin Fish if the owner of the FAD deploys it a couple of months

before the season starts to give it a chance to collect bait around it!

When fishing around a FAD you can troll if no one else is there (Very Unlikely) but the best way to fish them is to drift past casting

a mixed bag of lures and baits at the FAD.

The lures.

Poppers / Stick baits / Metal Slugs and diving lures.

are always exciting to use when Dolphin Fish are around.

All these lures work very well but the surface lures are just too much fun.

If I use baits around FADS they will be unweighted and in free spool.

Live baits, Yakkas, Slimies

Dead baits, Fresh Yakkas, Slimies, and Pilchards.


The other way to chase Mahi Mahi is to slow troll live baits on a downrigger.

I like to use this method on the Gold Coasts shallow reefs after a big southerly blow which blows the clean warm water in.

This method is very easy all I do is bridle rig a Slimie Mackerel and tow it about 20 feet behind the downrigger ball.

The depth I run the live bait varies but generally its halfway to the bottom. Now slow troll (2 knots) up and down the edges

of the reef system. That's it! Too easy.

PS. This is also an excellent way to catch small black and striped Marlin.

The Gear For Mahi Mahi.

When I go trolling I run my Tiagra 12 reels on a 6 to 8 kg short stroker rod filled with 8 kg line.

Though big Mahi Mahi 20 kg+ will put up a hell of a fight, 8 to 10 kg line will be sufficient.

When I am casting for Mahi Mahi it depends on the size of fish around the boat as to what gear I am using?

I use a 4000 spin reel spooled with 10 kg line on a 6 to 8 kg, 7-foot rod when the fish are 10 kg or under.

If the Dolphin Fish look 10 to 20 kg + I will use a 6000 to 10000 sized spin reel on a 7 foot 10 to 15 kg rod

and the reel will be spooled with 15 kg line.

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