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Prawning on the Gold Coast

Prawning on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Prawning.

Prawning on the Gold Coast at this time of year when the prawns are thick up around Jacobs Well, Reedy Mars and around the islands Macleay, Russell, and Lamb can be very rewarding and a lot of fun for everyone involved.

Gear For Prawning On The Gold Coast.

To go Prawning around the Brisbane, Gold Coast area you will need a small open boat around 4.5 meters with plenty of room as you need a fair bit of

space to cast a 12-foot Prawn net. Next, you will need a top pocket cast net and most tackle shops around the coast will have these in stock at the moment.

The other thing you will need is a ten-litre bucket. As you can see you don't need a lot to go Prawning but the initial layout can be expensive. 

Boat a few thousand dollars, Prawn net around $200 to $400, Bucket $3.5o

How To Prawn On The Gold Coast.

Most colored sounders show prawns as a light blue cluster on the bottom and if they are thick you will

see them show up from bottom to 3 meters up all blue. Once you learn what to look for on your sounder it is very similar to fishing, just set your drift back to over the cluster of prawns but if they are thick you will have to fight off the other 100 boats trying to catch the same as you. Just remember when you find a patch

on the sounder cast off the back off your boat as that is where they are! Don't cast off the front as you don't know what is out there!

How To Throw A Prawn Net.

I was taught an easy way to throw a big net and I will try to explain how to do it.

First thing is to throw the main body of the net over your shoulders.

Next is to grab two hands full of chain 50 / 50 each hand and separate around two feet.

So now if you look down at your feet you will see the chain running between the two clumps.

Now just inside the clumps grab the inside chain (closest to you) with your fingers and also

grab the clumps one in each hand. Now stand up straight twist slightly to the right or left

and now spin back and let the net go but keep holding the chain in your fingers and watch the

net spread! WOW, THAT'S CONFUSING! it is a lot easier to just watch the video below.

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