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Gold Coast Shark Fishing

Gold Coast Shark Fishing

Gold Coast Shark Fishing.

Gold Coast shark fishing has grown into a very large sport over the last couple of years and the number of people chasing large sharks off the beach is unbelievable but not everyone can afford the expensive gear for beach fishing  large sharks, so what I am going to do is teach you how to catch small to rather large Sharks in the Gold Coast canals, Gold Coast Seaway and the Jumpinpin Bar on the cheaper side of things.

Gold Coast Shark Fishing In The Canals.

Over the summer months, the GC canals are teeming with Bull Sharks from small (2 foot) to large (8 to 10 foot) and it is not rocket science to chase these sharks in the shallow warm canals. Most of the Bull sharks in the canals you will encounter are mainly small 2 to 6 feet but are a good size for small boat fisherman with light gear looking for some inshore sports fishing.

The Gold Coast Shark Fishing Spots.

When I chase sharks I really only fish two spots and both are in the Nerang River, If I am fishing a run in tide I will fish the Isle of Capri bridge and if the tide is running out I will fish the Bundall Bridge, as over the years I have caught some rather large Bull Sharks (6 to 9 footers)under these bridges at night. You can fish both these spots landbased as well! The other hot spots are Lake Intrepid and Bond Uni Lakes (good landbased). These are my go to Gold Coast shark fishing spots in the canals, but really you will find sharks in pretty all waterways over the Gold Coast.

I also have a couple of spots in the Broadwater for large Bulls, the first one is the mouth of the Coomera river but this only seems to work over summer after we have had a lot of rain and need to use eels as bait, fish here late at night on a run-out tide after heavy rain. The only downfall to this spot is it holds a lot of Shovelnose Sharks which are usually large!! The other spot I like is the deep channel along the Aldershots, this is a great spot for big Bulls 8 foot+ fishing at night over high tide usually 2 hours either side of the tide. Use live Trevally or large eels here.

The Baits For Gold Coast Shark Fishing.

Most guys you talk to nowadays will tell you freshwater eel is the only bait to use for sharks and it is a great shark bait and easy to get your hands on but I prefer something a little different for my shark fishing! I have been all over Australia and caught a large variety of Sharks from small Whalers to Large Tigers and it does not matter where you are in our country you can always catch one type of fish (bait) and every and I mean every shark will eat this fish. Catching this bait is a sport in its self and there are a few different types, all a lot of fun catching and they are Trevally!! All Sharks love the smell of Trevally, live or dead but must be fresh, NOT FROZEN! very important. The fun part about Gold Coast shark fishing for me is catching the bait! Trevally fishing at night with stick baits is awesome fun. Ok for canal fishing I like to use my Trevally live, just trim their tails so they don't swim all over the place and put a small nick in there flesh to let out some of the aroma. If they are are dead just cut off their tail to stop them from spinning in the current. If you can not get a Trevally, catch or buy a eel, whole Mullet or a Bonito from most tackle shops.

Fishing The Pin Bar And The Seaway.

Fishing the Pin and the Seaway are the same techniques, I like a run-out tide at night usually late at night (No Boat Traffic). You can fish these spots all year round, over winter you will usually find Whaler sharks and over summer you will find Bulls, Hammerheads and Tigers hunting around the entrances to our Broadwater. The methods I use here are easy, first I put out a whole dead bait (Mullet) under a balloon and let the tide take it away from the boat. On the second rod, I put a Live Trevally or Tailor down unweighted I just cut their tail fins so they can not swim all over the place and tangle the other rod. That is it! Now sit back and wait. Usually, you won't have to wait very long! Most of the sharks I find doing this are in the 4 to 8-foot range, a nice size to have some fun. Please be careful as all size sharks can do you a lot of damage.

The Gear For Gold Coast Shark Fishing.

You do not need top of the line gear for shark fishing you just need sturdy gear. When I am shark fishing all mine is done from a boat and I like chasing medium to large sharks so my gear of choise is my TLD 30 on a 15 kg short stroker rod spooled with 15 kg mono which is more than enough for fishing the canals and the Pin and the Seaway. But I would tell most people to put a TLD 25 on a 15 kg Backbone rod and spool it with 15 kg mono. This outfit is not expensive and will handle 99% of the sharks you encounter around the Gold Coast. If you are from the shore fisherman, a Penn Spinfisher or a Shimano Saragosa spooled with 30 or50-pound braid on a 7 foot, 15 to 24 kg spin stick will also do fine on most sharks around the Gold Coast Canals. 

Good Hunting and please be careful.   

PS/ When using live baits please make sure they are of legal size. 

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