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Saltwater Fishing Areas

Saltwater Fishing Areas

Fishing Areas.

Fishing areas can be divided roughly into three distinct areas, Offshore, Inshore and landbased. Each area has its own challenges to be conquered, rewards to be found and requirements to be met.

Offshore Fishing.

Offshore fishing is deep blue water away from the shoreline, it definitely requires a boat that can comfortably contain the anglers with capacity for long-range driving, safety gear and specialist tackle and navigation gear. Offshore is usually for sport fishing enthusiasts, its where you get to chase the mighty Marlin and other pelagics. On the east coast of Australia, Offshore fishing can take you out over the Continental shelf where you can catch Large Marlin, black and blue, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Broadbill, mixed Tuna species and some deep water species such as Blue Eye Trevalla. Prevailing currents are a major factor affecting offshore fishing successes. Having the right boat and safety is an absolute must when going offshore.

About Inshore Fishing Areas.

Inshore fishing is a far more popular pass time with most recreational fisherman. It can also require a boat and safety gear, though these can be more modest and affordable to just about everybody. There is a huge amount of fish available in some inshore fishing areas from, Bream, Whiting, Flathead, Mullet, etc. Weather and tides have an enormous impact with inshore fishing expeditions. There are rules and regulations when inshore fishing that the skipper should be aware off, and boat driving licenses are required when in charge of a boat either inshore or offshore. Using a boat you can also fish Estuaries, River mouths, Bays, etc, Catching a large variety of species.

Onshore Fishing Areas.

The other way to go fishing is to do it from the land, that can mean either Rock fishing or Beach fishing. Rock fishing can be extremely hazardous with fisherman being swept off rocks every year. Regardless of the dangers fishing from rocky headlands is very popular, because you don't need a boat, but with the right tackle and some fishing knowledge you can catch some of the pelagic and prize fish that boaties fishing offshore catch like Tuna, Marlin, Mackerel etc. The dangers of rock fishing must be taken seriously at all times.

Beach Fishing.

Fishing from the beach is an easy, inexpensive way to catch a fish for dinner, it is very popular, nevertheless, it does require a bit of know-how, and local knowledge is always a help. A beach fisherman needs to be able to read the water, see where the gutters are, recognize what is going on and where the baitfish are. 

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