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Lure Basics.A lot of people are trying out fishing lures for the first time so I decided to help them out by posting what I catch on them, plus how and where to use them.Blade Fishing Lures.Blades work very well especially in river systems for fish such as Flathead, Bream, Silver Trevally, Tailor, and Aussie Salmon. I like to slow jig Blades in deeper water over a tide change, and I don't jig the whole water column just the bottom half, the techniques are very easy. 1 Drop the blade to the bottom and then slow lift rod up then drop back to bottom and repeat, this technique works the bottom for..
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Saltwater Fishing Areas
Fishing Areas.Fishing areas can be divided roughly into three distinct areas, Offshore, Inshore and landbased. Each area has its own challenges to be conquered, rewards to be found and requirements to be met.Offshore Fishing.Offshore fishing is deep blue water away from the shoreline, it definitely requires a boat that can comfortably contain the anglers with capacity for long-range driving, safety gear and specialist tackle and navigation gear. Offshore is usually for sport fishing enthusiasts, its where you get to chase the mighty Marlin and other pelagics. On the east coast of Australia, Of..
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Australian Fishing is Awesome.
Aussie Fishing.I am very lucky to have some of the best Australian fishing right at my doorstep and as an avid fisherman living on the East Coast of Australia I know that I am incredibly lucky because I am always in easy reach of the ocean, and all of Australia is surrounded by magnificent waters filled with an abundance of fish species. Our clean coastly waters range from warm and tropical to moderate and changeable to cool and temperate, we also of course also happen to have magnificent reefs. Tropical Australian Fishing.Our tropical waters produce the mighty Marlin for the Game fishing..
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