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First Dolphin Fish Trip Of The Season 3/12/19.

First Dolphin Fish Trip Of The Season 3/12/19.

First Dolphin Fish Trip Of The Season.

Yesterday (Monday) it was blowing around 30 to 35 knots of westerly according to the seaway tower and Tuesday morning looked good according to the weather man so Neil and I decided we would head out Tuesday morning
to the NE 36 fathom line and see if we could find some of these Dolphin fish people are talking about.
We left Loders creek boat ramp at 6:15 am and cruised out to the NE 36 fathom line at 20 knots, we could not believe how calm it was. Once we stopped at the 36s we noticed how dirty and cold the water was
and did not have high hopes for finding a fish today.
We decided to put out a pattern of Lures Online Old School Skirts (Timber Heads)and see if we could find a small Black Marlin in the green water as we started trolling towards the NE 50 fathom line we saw a Marlin
in the spread and he had a swipe at the pink skirt on the short rigger and missed, then disappeared. Around 45 minutes later I noticed the water had changed into a nice blue colour just inside the 50 fathom line and then the
long corner started screaming and Neil was onto a nice sized Dolphin fish, the Lures Online Old School Lures are working well.
After a short fight Neil had himself his biggest Dolphin fish at around 10 kg, we once again set out a pattern and started trolling south along the 50 fathom line and around an hour later the short rigger went
off and this was my fish and once again it was a nice dolly around the 10 kg mark on a Lures Online Old School Skirt.
With two nice fish on board and the new lures working very well we decided to head home and were back at the ramp by 11:30 am.
That was a fun quick successful fishing trip. Thanks Neil.


Water Temp / 23.4c

Moon Phase /

Date / 3/12/19

Tides / Bottom Tide / Coming In

Water Colour / Green 36 fathom / Blue 50 Fathom

Time / 6:00 to 11:30 am

Lures / Old School Skirts 

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