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Mixed Fishing Techniques and Tips.

 Mixed Fishing Techniques and Tips.

Below Are A Few Fishing Techniques And Tips For You To Try Out.

Fishing books are full of fishing techniques and tips and are a great tool.

As a fisherman I would like to talk a little about books, I am sure we all know that there is an abundance of books and magazines on every topic imaginable to do with fishing available. Just go to any bookstore, library, tackle shop or news agency, you will find fishing books filled with anything and everything you could possibly want to know concerning the wonderful world of fishing. And possibly to your amazement, I applaud the number of fishing techniques available. Fishing is the most participated in sport or leisure activity in the world today, and growing all the time, it is also constantly changing with new innovations, and tackle becoming updated and improved upon all the time, knowledge of  different fish species, their habitat and habits are also changing, plus we are learning more and more about ocean currents, tidal and moon influences etc, etc. No one person can have all the answers to fishing successfully or be able to keep up with all the new fishing techniques as they become available, but we can contribute with what we know and have learned by my own experiences, and pass this information on via the internet, fishing books and magazines. Books can have it all, they can take you to wonderful places, like a pretty river bank on a beautiful day, or alone on a secluded beach tossing lures into the breakers or on the wide open seas in your boat pulling in that catch of a lifetime. We all know that to give a beautifully written book about a subject that somebody is passionate about is to open up a world of possibilities for them. So keep reading, keep learning and keep enjoying fishing books, you cannot go wrong.

Apart from book always watch what other fisherman do! You will be amazed what other fishing techniques you will pick up.

Easy Live Baiting Trick With Balloons.

Here is a little trick to using balloons as a float,  This method works very well for pelagics and with the season coming up, I thought I would do a quick video for you. In this video, you will see a simple trick to attach a balloon with no knots.  With the pelagic season upon us, this is a quick and easy method to live baiting.

If you have any other fishing techniques like this one please let us know about it.

Good Luck guys and let us know how this rig works for you?

People Casting To Far!!

When we go for a walk along the river bank I always see people with big sinkers trying to cast out as far as they can and catching bugger all!!! So here is a little tip, Look along the bank for structure Old trees, rocks, pylons, piers etc.If you're fishing off a pier, don't use a sinker just drop your bait next to the pylons and let it sink slowly. If you're fishing from the shore cast next to the structure with just enough weight (sinker) to stop your bait drifting away. You could only be casting 10 feet from the shore! If you're going to fish around bridge pylons etc, once again use just enough weight to cast to the pylon and hold your bait next to it! Stop throwing your bait into the middle of nowhere!!!

Aussie Tides.

These tides I am talking about is for the East Coast Australia. We get asked a lot about what tide to fish? Well, it depends on where you are fishing and what you are fishing for. Such as river fishing, I like low water running in for fish such as Mulloway and Bream. If I were chasing Trevally, Tailor or Salmon in a river I would prefer to fish the last of a run in tide (high tide). If we were chasing Flathead in the river I like the last couple of hours of the run out to low tide, I also find this tide great for deep water trolling for Mangrove Jacks. We are not surf fisherman so we can not tell you what the best tide in the surf is. But hopefully, someone else can. Tides do make a difference offshore as we have noticed over the years a tide change does help pelagics ( marlin, tuna, mackerel, dolphinfish, etc ) come on the chew. There is an old saying that is very true ( no run no fun ) if you remember this you should do alright. Has anyone else got any tips about tides?

Some Fishing Techniques To Try.

How to make a cheap downrigger.

With Mackerel season coming up I thought I would share one of my very easy to use trolling tip. In the video below I will explain how to rig up using the poor man's downrigger. This is really a great way to get your livies down deep without spending $400+ on a downrigger.

How to rig a Live Bait.

In these videos are some hook placement tips for when you're using live bait in rivers and offshore for a large variety of fish species.

In the first video, I will show you how to rig a live Squid with a single hook for shallow water fishing for Yellowtail Kingfish.

In this second video, I am rigging a live Squid with a 2 hook snelled rig and this works very well when float lining for Snapper / Cobia. It also works very well fishing the bottom for Jewies.

In this third video, I show you how to hook up a live bait for fishing in low or no tidal flow. This works very well for Mulloway up rivers.

In this fourth video are hook placements for offshore fishing or in fast tidal flow. The tips in all these videos are very easy to do and work very well.

Good Luck.

I hope you enjoyed these fishing techniques and tips and if you have your own techniques or tips let us know about them in the comment box below.

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