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Mackerel Fishing Rig.

Mackerel Fishing Rig.

Fishing Rig For Mackerel.

Here is the rig I use to chase Spanish and Spotted Mackerel, I hope you enjoy these rigs and the step by step videos. In this first video is my all time favorite rig,  it is for rigging Garfish/Slimie Mackeral for Spanish Mackerel and it also works very well on Wahoo!

The Bits And Pieces.

First, you will need some hooks and I use Mustard Tarpon 7766-DT 6/0 for rigging large Garfish/Slimie Mackeral. Next, I use a single strand Mason wire usually 54 pounds. You will also need small strong black swivels and some nose cones. The little squids is also a must for this rig! Using a rubber lure on a toothy critter does not make any sense does it!! I almost forgot the net leads, don't forget these. Very important for this rig to work!

Rigging Begins.

Take out four hooks and a good pair of side cutters, now use the side cutters to open the eyes of three of the hooks. Now join the three hooks the same way and the fourth hook around the other way. I do this to get a better swimming action out of the Garfish and I also find the last swinging hook gets most of the hookups. Some guys like all the hooks the same way and I will leave that up to you as both ways work very well. Next, get your net lead (most tackle shops will have these) and using your pliers squeeze the lead onto the first hook only.

Step Two Of The Rigging Process.

In this step cut yourself a piece of 54-pound single strand wire about a foot long and use a haywire twist to connect the small black swivel to one end. Now feed on the small pink skirt, then followed by the nose cone we are almost done with this fishing rig. In this final step all you have to do is just connect the ganged hooks we made earlier with another haywire twist, just don't break off the tag end you need this tag end to go through the head of the bait and the nose cone screws onto it holding the bait in place. 



Before rigging the Garfish run your finger from head to butt along the gut cavity to clean the rubbish out of the bait. Next, lightly squeeze along the backbone and separate the flesh from the backbone without breaking the skin. If you break the skin the bait is no good get another one and start again.

Spotted Mackerel Fishing Rig.

In the video below is a very simple and quick to make Spotted Mackerel fishing rig that can also be used on a variety of toothy critters.

You will need a 3/0 or 4/0 octopus hook. 27 LB multi-strand wire. That is all you need apart from some cutters. Now cut the wire about a foot long and tie a common snell to the hook( don't worry the wire will hold) and on the other end just put a loop in the wire and tie to your leader using an Albright knot. That's it!! How was that for simple.

If you have any requests about the making of other rigs just send me an email through my contact page.


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