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First Dolphin Fish Trip Of The Season 3/12/19.
First Dolphin Fish Trip Of The Season.Yesterday (Monday) it was blowing around 30 to 35 knots of westerly according to the seaway tower and Tuesday morning looked good according to the weather man so Neil and I decided we would head out Tuesday morningto the NE 36 fathom line and see if we could find some of these Dolphin fish people are talking about.We left Loders creek boat ramp at 6:15 am and cruised out to the NE 36 fathom line at 20 knots, we could not believe how calm it was. Once we stopped at the 36s we noticed how dirty and cold the water wasand did not have high hopes for finding a ..
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Spotted Mackerel Rig
Spotted Mackerel Rig.With the Spotted Mackerel finally showing up off the Gold Coast, I thought I would show you a different way to catch them and how to cover more ground when trying to find them. I am going to explain how to make a Pilchard trolling rig for Mackerel. Before I get started, I will tell you that this rig has been awesome slow trolling around the 1-mile reef SE of the Gold Coast Seaway, it usually catches fish when the guys anchored and floating pillies out are not doing any good and I will explain why.When you know the Spotted Mackerel are there but are not eating the pilchards..
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Saltwater Lures Back To Basics.
Saltwater Lures.There are so many saltwater lures on the market today, so I am going to do is run you through the lures I use, what I catch on them and when I use them.Hardbody lures for offshore.Over the summer months here off the Gold Coast is our pelagic time and we get everything from Marlin to Mackerel, and there are only two types of lures I use to catch these species. The first ones are Pakula skirted lures in mixed colors when I am chasing Marlin, Tuna and Mahi Mahi. I run a pattern of 5 lures with the darker lures in close to the boat and the lighter colors further out (Riggers). Trol..
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How To Catch Bream.
How to catch Bream. A few tips on how to catch Bream.With Bream being a highly targeted species for the pro tournament anglers nowadays, a lot of people like to test their skills on these fish with lures, but that is what I am NOT going to do in this article (TALK LURES), I am going to get back to basics, so mum, dad, and the kids can go down to the river and have some fun with these fish and maybe catch themselves a feed. Tides.Chasing these fish is not hard and can be quite a lot of fun on light gear and more importantly, kids love catching these fish. First, you can catch these fi..
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Tips on catching Spotted Mackerel.
Tips On Catching Spotted Mackerel.Spotted Mackerel are about to show up here in South East Queensland and this is one fish I enjoy fishing for as they are a lot of fun to catch on light gear and taste great. I do things a little different though here on the Gold Coast, I am not one to go to either Palm beach or Mermaid reefs and get into a yelling match with a hundred other anglers. I like to fish southeast of the seaway on the one-mile reef or the 16 and 18-fathom reefs for Spotted Mackerel.Casting For Mackerel.On rare days when you can find a school of Spotties without 50 boats driving throu..
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Saltwater Fishing Tips
South East Queensland Saltwater Fishing Tips.Saltwater fishing tips for Micro Jigging the Gold Coast Seaway.I am just going to give you a quick rundown on where to Micro Jig in the Seaway if you want to find out more about micro jigging. Fishing Monthly has a good article on micro jigs and gear. Dean from Tackle World got a nice 10 kg Mulloway jigging the north wall of the Gold Coast Seaway.  Dean was fishing the first of the runout tide right at the end of the seaway north wall,  the runout tide it forms an eddy there and that is always a good spot to chase Mulloway. This particular..
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 Chasing Tuna
Tuna.There are a few different types of Tuna in our oceans but I am going to talk only about the three main ones we catch around the coastline of Australia. I am going to give you a rundown on how I catch these three types of Tuna on baits and lures.Yellowfin Tuna.Yellowfin can be caught from the coastline to over the continental shelf and the most popular way to catch them is to troll skirted lures. But most of us don't own a game boat or a big trailer boat with enough fuel to make it to the shelf and back after trolling all day! If you live in southern NSW you can go to places like Eden and ..
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Marlin tips n rigs.
Marlin.Marlin is probably one of the most prized of all fish for sport and game fisherman to chase. There is a multi-million dollar charter fishing industry for the elusive Billfish. Massive tag and release contests for all Billfish species occur around the world. Tropical Queensland is a Billfish hotspot. All types of Marlin can be caught off Queensland. Smaller fish are fun to catch with light gear, pretty much any size boat will do. Though the really big fish definitely need specialized gear, with big boats, game chairs etc. A contest between a fisherman and a big Marlin can go on for many ..
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Catching Snapper
Catching Snapper.Australian Snapper is considered a prize catch. They are caught in temperate waters from the bottom third of Western Australia all the way across the Great Australian Bight up the East Coast to South East Queensland. In Queensland and Northern New South Wales, they are predominant in the cooler months of the year. They are fished for in the colder waters of Victoria and South Australia during the warmer months. Reds can grow up to 14 kg + through an average size of 1 to 2 kg, anything over 6 kg is considered a great catch. They are caught in any depth of water from inshore to ..
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Night Time Fishing
My Night Time Fishing Tips.Here are a few of my night time fishing tips.I do a lot of my fishing at night and I catch a lot of different species on both lures, live and dead baits, inshore and offshore, and in this blog post, I am going to go through what I catch, where I catch them and what techniques I use for my night time fishing.The Reason I Like Night Time Fishing.The main reason I head out at night is to get away from people as it is nice and peaceful at night and the other reason is the big boys come out and play but more on that later. I have noticed over the years with less noise (bo..
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Mackerel Fishing Rig.
Fishing Rig For Mackerel.Here is the rig I use to chase Spanish and Spotted Mackerel, I hope you enjoy these rigs and the step by step videos. In this first video is my all time favorite rig,  it is for rigging Garfish/Slimie Mackeral for Spanish Mackerel and it also works very well on Wahoo!The Bits And Pieces.First, you will need some hooks and I use Mustard Tarpon 7766-DT 6/0 for rigging large Garfish/Slimie Mackeral. Next, I use a single strand Mason wire usually 54 pounds. You will also need small strong black swivels and some nose cones. The little squids is also a must for this rig..
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Gold Coast Offshore Mulloway Tips and Techniques
Gold Coast Offshore Mulloway Tips and Techniques. HOW TO / THE BASICS.For this part, I am going to tell you how I fish the Gold Coast artificial blocks (marks at the bottom of the page) for Jewies. I usually start fishing around 4 pm and fish until 8 pm if I have not got a Jewie by that time I am not going to catch one. Always use fresh bait (live or fillets) but I usually use both, next is how to catch Mulloway offshore.I put a live bait on my Tld 15 with a size 8 sinker and drop it straight to the bottom and then wind up two turns of the handle just to have the live bait just off the bo..
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How to catch Cobia.
The Capture of my 51 kg Cobia.Below you will find out everything you need to know to go out and catch amazing fish like this absolute beauty, here is the story of what happened to me and how I did it. At the time the Gold Coast waters were full of small Yellowfin Tuna and these fish were driving everyone crazy as they could not get their baits (live and dead) and lures past the small Tuna to catch anything else. It was August and that is the time to chase Cobia here on the Gold Coast, but no one could get past the Yellowfin and one afternoon at work in my local tackle shop a mate bought me in ..
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Below Are A Few Fishing Techniques And Tips For You To Try Out.Fishing books are full of fishing techniques and tips and are a great tool.As a fisherman I would like to talk a little about books, I am sure we all know that there is an abundance of books and magazines on every topic imaginable to do with fishing available. Just go to any bookstore, library, tackle shop or news agency, you will find fishing books filled with anything and everything you could possibly want to know concerning the wonderful world of fishing. And possibly to your amazement, I applaud the number of fishing techn..
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