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Entice: Drilled Trolling Lure
The 9-inch Drilled trolling skirt is another nice lure for pelagics. These heads have 4 holes in the..
Entice: Flop 60
The flop 60 is a great little flutter jig for our close reefs. A large variety of reef fish respond ..
Entice: Gooch Trolling Lure
The Gooch 10-inch skirted lure is a great lure for Marlin and Tuna. The head has plenty of acti..
Entice: Gotcha Big Plastics.
These 18cm paddle tail plastics are an awesome big plastic for a large variety of species. You can u..
Entice: Grub Tails
The Entice soft plastics are made similar to the Zman lures, they are a nice soft stretchy lure that..
Entice: Hard On Trolling Skirts
These small 8-inch Hard On skirts are some of my favorites for trolling South East Queensland for sm..
Entice: Viber 3 Plastics
These 3-inch paddle tail plastics are a good allrounder for a large variety of species, they are sof..
Entice: Woodpecker Stickbaits
If you after a nice little stick bait to use around your local rivers and entrances, look no further..
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