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Making a live bait rig for Marlin.
How to make a Live Bait Marlin Rig.I am going to give you a run down on the most popular live bait rig we use here on the Gold Coast for small Black Marlin.You will need.100 pound leader. (Jinki, Back Magic, etc)8/0 to 10/0 inline circle hooksCrimps to suit leaderSize 6 to 8 Lumo SinkersSize 16 rubber bands Bait needleMaking the Rig.Cut the 100 pound leader into 1 metre lengths and crimp the circle hook on loosely so it is free swinging. On the other end crimp a 3 inch loop. Ok on the loop end put the size 6 sinker so it sits on top of the crimp and clip the loop onto your snap swivel on ..
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Large Cobia Fishing Tips.
Chasing Large Cobia.I get asked a lot on how I catch Cobia, and there are lots of different ways but here I will tell you my way to catch them off the Gold Coast.The hardest part about fishing for Cobia is finding them! Once you have located a spot where cobia feed it is fairly easy to hook them but landing a large cobia is another story! The amount I have seen lost at the boat is ridiculous.Where To Locate Them.Every winter here in south east Queensland the whales migrate to warmer waters to give birth and now is the time of year to start hunting the large cobia. I know you can catch them all..
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My special Snapper rig.
Secret Snapper Rig.As a lot of you know me and know that over the years I have caught a lot of big Snapper here off the Gold Coast, I am now going to share with you the rig I haved used for years to catch the Snapper.The rig I am about to share with you is just a float lining rig with a slight difference. The difference with my rigs is that I run a lumo tube and bead on them! I don't use lumo sinkers as they cost too much nowadays and the tube and beads have a purpose. My rigs have a pair of snelled hooks 2/0 to 5/0 depending on what I am chasing (Squire or big Snapper). The lumo tube between ..
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How to use big lures for Flathead.
I get asked alot on how to use big shallow running lures for Flathead so I will try to explain on what I do. First thing is you must have a good stiff light rod for this kind of fishing. I have noticed that my friendscannot get the action I get with the same lures and the simple reason is that their rods are too soft in the tip for these types of lures. The reason you need a stiff tip is that when you twitch your rod that action goesthrough to the lure. With a light rod the tips bends and the lure doesn't do what its meant to do. My rod of choice is a G-Loomis NRX 803 this rod is perfect for t..
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Coast Coast GPS Marks.
To all Lures Online readers.As a 20+ year veteran of fishing Gold Coast offshore waters, I have amassed a large collection of GPS marks. These marks have all been productive at certain times of the year catching certain species and I am happy to share them with you. These marks range from Morten Island to Tweed Heads. They are all accessible in a trailer sized boat. I will start out with a page of approx. 50 top marks you will not find anywhere online. I will add more over time so keep a close eye on this page.17 / 27.56.651 153.29.417 /76 / 27.56.271 153.30.219 /Snap / 39.57.619 153.30.788Bai..
Tips on using my mackeral rigs.
How to use my mackeral rigs.Now most people think you just throw these rigs in the water and troll around and that does work at times but there are a couple of things you can do to improve your strike rates. The small 3 hook rig is for slow trollingPilchards, Yakkas, etc and the larger rig with 4 hooks is for Garfish, Tailor, Bonito, etc. Both rigs work the same way and these tips will work for both, First thing is to get them swimming right (video below) next is toset out at least 2 baits. Try to put out at least one of each size as you don't know on what the Mackeral will feed on that day.Fi..
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Spotted Mackerel Rig
Spotted Mackerel Rig.With the Spotted Mackerel finally showing up off the Gold Coast, I thought I would show you a different way to catch them and how to cover more ground when trying to find them. I am going to explain how to make a Pilchard trolling rig for Mackerel. Before I get started, I will tell you that this rig has been awesome slow trolling around the 1-mile reef SE of the Gold Coast Seaway, it usually catches fish when the guys anchored and floating pillies out are not doing any good and I will explain why.When you know the Spotted Mackerel are there but are not eating the pilchards..
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Saltwater Lures Back To Basics.
Saltwater Lures.There are so many saltwater lures on the market today, so I am going to do is run you through the lures I use, what I catch on them and when I use them.Hardbody lures for offshore.Over the summer months here off the Gold Coast is our pelagic time and we get everything from Marlin to Mackerel, and there are only two types of lures I use to catch these species. The first ones are Pakula skirted lures in mixed colors when I am chasing Marlin, Tuna and Mahi Mahi. I run a pattern of 5 lures with the darker lures in close to the boat and the lighter colors further out (Riggers). Trol..
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How To Catch Bream.
How to catch Bream. A few tips on how to catch Bream.With Bream being a highly targeted species for the pro tournament anglers nowadays, a lot of people like to test their skills on these fish with lures, but that is what I am NOT going to do in this article (TALK LURES), I am going to get back to basics, so mum, dad, and the kids can go down to the river and have some fun with these fish and maybe catch themselves a feed. Tides.Chasing these fish is not hard and can be quite a lot of fun on light gear and more importantly, kids love catching these fish. First, you can catch these fi..
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Tips on catching Spotted Mackerel.
Tips On Catching Spotted Mackerel.Spotted Mackerel are about to show up here in South East Queensland and this is one fish I enjoy fishing for as they are a lot of fun to catch on light gear and taste great. I do things a little different though here on the Gold Coast, I am not one to go to either Palm beach or Mermaid reefs and get into a yelling match with a hundred other anglers. I like to fish southeast of the seaway on the one-mile reef or the 16 and 18-fathom reefs for Spotted Mackerel.Casting For Mackerel.On rare days when you can find a school of Spotties without 50 boats driving throu..
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Saltwater Fishing Tips
South East Queensland Saltwater Fishing Tips.Saltwater fishing tips for Micro Jigging the Gold Coast Seaway.I am just going to give you a quick rundown on where to Micro Jig in the Seaway if you want to find out more about micro jigging. Fishing Monthly has a good article on micro jigs and gear. Dean from Tackle World got a nice 10 kg Mulloway jigging the north wall of the Gold Coast Seaway.  Dean was fishing the first of the runout tide right at the end of the seaway north wall,  the runout tide it forms an eddy there and that is always a good spot to chase Mulloway. This particular..
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 Chasing Tuna
Tuna.There are a few different types of Tuna in our oceans but I am going to talk only about the three main ones we catch around the coastline of Australia. I am going to give you a rundown on how I catch these three types of Tuna on baits and lures.Yellowfin Tuna.Yellowfin can be caught from the coastline to over the continental shelf and the most popular way to catch them is to troll skirted lures. But most of us don't own a game boat or a big trailer boat with enough fuel to make it to the shelf and back after trolling all day! If you live in southern NSW you can go to places like Eden and ..
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Marlin tips n rigs.
Marlin.Marlin is probably one of the most prized of all fish for sport and game fisherman to chase. There is a multi-million dollar charter fishing industry for the elusive Billfish. Massive tag and release contests for all Billfish species occur around the world. Tropical Queensland is a Billfish hotspot. All types of Marlin can be caught off Queensland. Smaller fish are fun to catch with light gear, pretty much any size boat will do. Though the really big fish definitely need specialized gear, with big boats, game chairs etc. A contest between a fisherman and a big Marlin can go on for many ..
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Catching Snapper
Catching Snapper.Australian Snapper is considered a prize catch. They are caught in temperate waters from the bottom third of Western Australia all the way across the Great Australian Bight up the East Coast to South East Queensland. In Queensland and Northern New South Wales, they are predominant in the cooler months of the year. They are fished for in the colder waters of Victoria and South Australia during the warmer months. Reds can grow up to 14 kg + through an average size of 1 to 2 kg, anything over 6 kg is considered a great catch. They are caught in any depth of water from inshore to ..
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Night Time Fishing
My Night Time Fishing Tips.Here are a few of my night time fishing tips.I do a lot of my fishing at night and I catch a lot of different species on both lures, live and dead baits, inshore and offshore, and in this blog post, I am going to go through what I catch, where I catch them and what techniques I use for my night time fishing.The Reason I Like Night Time Fishing.The main reason I head out at night is to get away from people as it is nice and peaceful at night and the other reason is the big boys come out and play but more on that later. I have noticed over the years with less noise (bo..
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