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How To Catch Bream.

How To Catch Bream.

How to catch Bream. 

A few tips on how to catch Bream.

With Bream being a highly targeted species for the pro tournament anglers nowadays, a lot of people like to test their skills on these fish with lures, but that is what I am NOT going to do in this article (TALK LURES), I am going to get back to basics, so mum, dad, and the kids can go down to the river and have some fun with these fish and maybe catch themselves a feed. 


Chasing these fish is not hard and can be quite a lot of fun on light gear and more importantly, kids love catching these fish. First, you can catch these fish all day and night on all tides but most of the fish you will encounter will be undersized. I like to fish a rising tide late afternoon into the night when chasing legal sized fish.

Where to Fish For Bream.

You will catch Bream pretty much everywhere, from the surf gutters to the brackish waters right up river systems and everywhere in between. I like to fish structure like bridge pylons, jetties, rock walls, and my favorite is old dead trees in the water right up the rivers in the brackish waters.

Tips on How to catch Bream.

Where and how to catch Bream.                                                                          

Ok if you are going to try the surf gutters, I would suggest using a light 9-foot rod with a 6 inch Alvey spooled with 6-pound mono, use a running sinker rig. Sized 3 ball sinker, small black swivel with a 1 foot 6 lb fluorocarbon leader with a num 6 octopus hook.

If you are planning fishing the shallow banks up the river with the kids, I would use a 6'6 foot 2 to 4 kg rod with a 2500 spin reel spooled with 6-pound mono and a running sinker rig. Sized 1a ball sinker, small black swivel with a 1 foot 6 lb fluorocarbon leader with a num 6 octopus hook. If you are going to fish shallow banks make sure there are grass patches on it and cast your baits into the sandy patches.

My favorite way to fish for Bream is to fish around structure with an unweighted bait! The kids will love this way of fishing, you just need a floating pontoon/jetty, a couple of spare hours and a run in tide. Now with your light 6'6 outfit just tie on a num 6 octopus hook put bait on and drop (NOT CAST) next to the pylon and let the line slowly go out and the bait sink naturally. TIP/ If you can see the fish and your bait you won't get bites! keep letting the line go and when your bait is out of sight you will get bites! Fishing this way you will catch a lot of small fish and keep the kids entertained.

This one is for dad. Head right up the rivers to brackish water, find yourself some structure and flick out an unweighted bait right next to the structure you found and hang on! Fishing like this will test your skills as you won't encounter as many fish but the ones you do encounter will be good sized fish and these will test your skill on light line around the structure. 

If you are fishing down south, Victoria or South Australia try fishing the little rivers running through the cow paddocks that are close to the coast. I learned how to catch large Black Bream in these little rivers in Vic. It is a strange feeling when fishing in the middle of a paddock and the cows are standing just behind you wondering what the hell you are doing! 

Baits For Bream.

How to catch Bream, Bait Basics.

Bream are not fussy eaters and will respond to most baits. Below are my favs!

1 / Peeled prawns ( for the kids)

2 / Pilchard fillets

3 / Tail half of a White Bait

4 / Small strip of fresh Mullet. This is the best bait when fishing brackish waters for larger fish.

I hope all this info helps you with your fishing. Good Luck

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