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Catching Powerful Yellowtail Kingfish In The Gold Coast Broadwater.

The Gear You Will Need To Catch Kingfish in the Gold Coast


First of all you will need small squid jigs in a natural colour to slowly work around the shallown grass banks on the last couple of hours of the run in tide. (Water needs to be clean NOT murky) very important. You will also need a way to keep the Squid alive (Bait tanks). 

The Outfit.

You will need an outfit you can cast, I would suggest a spinning combo with around a 5000 sized reel spooled with 30 pound braid on a 10 to 15 kg spin rod.

The Rig For Kingfish in the Gold Coast Broadwater.

Next you will need 6/0 octopus live bait hooks and around 40 pound fluorocarbon leader.

The rig is easy. Just make your leader around 2 metres long and tie two hooks on with a snell knot and attach the other end to your braid with and FG knot. Too Easy!

Where to look for Kingfish In The Gold Coast Broadwater.

As you can see in the videos I usually fish around north side of wave break island, the Seaway and the main channel going north from the Seaway over high water.  

TIPS: Have a squid rigged up and sitting in the live well ready to go. 

When you find Kingfish stay casting distance away and lob your Squid at the school. I say lob because I want the squid to ink when it hits the water (this drives Kingfish nuts). Next just hang on as the hooked fish will head for   every snag it can find to break you off.

Good Luck. 

I usually start looking for Kingfish in the Gold Coast Broadwater around March as this is the time the baby bottle Squid show up around the grassy banks.  

If you have any questions about these videos please ask them in the comment section below.

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