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A Video On How To Cast A Prawn Net The Easy Way.

When And Where.

There are a few spots to find Prawns on the northern Gold Coast but all I am going to do here is tell you about the main spots to find them anytime from December through to May. 

You can find Prawns anywhere from Jacobs Well to the Islands (Macleay, Russell). You will catch Prawns at all tides and weather you just have to find them. 

Tip For Gold Coast Prawning.

Look for a group of boats casting nets and join in. Look at your sounder to see what the prawns look like on your unit. Now you know what to look for on your sounder head off by yourself and try to find your own patch. 

How To Throw The Net.

First thing to do is make sure the net is nice and straight no tangles or twists. Now drop the leads in front of your feet and put the net over your shoulder.

Next is to grab a handful of the net either side and split evenly, now grab the chain closer to you and seperate your hands around a couple of feet. While you are still holding the chain grab the two bunches of net you made earlier and pick the net up. That is it you are ready to cast. If this sounds confusing follow along with the video.

Finding A Net For Gold Coast Prawning.

Most tackle shops around the Gold Coast will have Prawn nets for sale. The only downside that is a good quality Prawn net will cost you around $300. If you are serious about chasing Prawns ask around as there are a few guys that make top Quilty Prawn nets on the coast and Brisbane. If you are worried about the price just think this way, Once you get your first 20 litre bucket of Prawns the net has already paid for its self.

Good luck and enjoy.

If you have any questions about this video please ask them in the comment section below.

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