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Different ways to hook up live baits.

Hook Up Live Baits.

I use this live bait set up when fishing in spots with very little to no current. It works very well when chasing Jewies in the far reaches of rivers with little current.

I have also been experimenting with this setup offshore fishing around FADS for Mahi Mahi and it has worked very well so far.

I use this baiting setup when fishing in current as it keeps the head of the live bait into the current and he will swim around happily for hours. Works on a huge variety of species inshore and offshore.

The two top baiting methods will work for a large variety of live bait.

Hooking Up Live Squid.

Attach a live Squid the quick and simple way that does not drown them. Never misses a strike and works on a large variety of species in light to no current.

Baiting up a live Squid for offshore fishing this way your Squid will die as it cannot swim properly. But it is still fresh and works well on a lot of offshore species. This is a good all-round way to bait up a Squid as you can use it on a lot of different rigs and in high current .

I hope this rundown on how and where to hook your live baits helps in your fishing endeavours.

If you have any questions about these videos please ask them in the comment section below.

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