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Saltwater Fishing Tips

Saltwater Fishing Tips

South East Queensland Saltwater Fishing Tips.

Saltwater fishing tips for Micro Jigging the Gold Coast Seaway.

I am just going to give you a quick rundown on where to Micro Jig in the Seaway if you want to find out more about micro jigging. Fishing Monthly has a good article on micro jigs and gear. Dean from Tackle World got a nice 10 kg Mulloway jigging the north wall of the Gold Coast Seaway.  Dean was fishing the first of the runout tide right at the end of the seaway north wall,  the runout tide it forms an eddy there and that is always a good spot to chase Mulloway. This particular morning Dean was using his 20 LB micro jig outfit with a gold flutter jig using the slow pitch jigging method on a small patch of bait sitting in the eddy. What Dean did was look how deep the bait was on his sounder and dropped the jig right into the middle of the bait and work that depth.

This method works very well on a large variety of species in almost all locations and depths of water.

Another place to try in the seaway is the pipe on a run in tide, high is usually better to chase the GT and bigeye trevally. Once again find the trevally schools on your sounder, work out the depth they are at then use your color braid to put your jig right into the middle of the school. 

Saltwater Fishing Tips For Tailor In The Surf On Stick Baits / Poppers.


Look for big gutters along the beach, drive your boat into that gutter put your boat in idle and cast both sides of the gutter in the white water until you find fish and work that area.

TIP: Only try this when the swell is small and there is an offshore wind for best results. Make sure there is 2 or more of you and one is always driving. Just be safe!

Surface lures (poppers) work well for this type of fishing. Using this method you will tend to find bigger Tailor. 


Fishing from a boat in the surf isn't for the faint hearted so if you try this be very careful.

It's quite easy fishing just go along the surf until you find a nice rip then stop within casting distance from the breaking waves and then cast your popper either side of the rip looking for Tailor fish and keep one eye on the incoming waves.

GOOD LUCK and be careful.

The best time to fish with poppers in the surf, just before dark.

I usually use a 6 to 8 kg 7-foot rod with a 4000 spin reel spooled with 20-pound braid for this type of fishing. Just in case I hook one of those 4 kgs + Tailor, they really go hard in shallow water! 

Saltwater Fishing Tips.

Raining. What to do? 

After it's been raining for a while the water in our rivers, canals, etc get rather dirty. This puts a lot of people off fishing but it shouldn't. During and after the rain it is a great time to chase Mulloway at your river entrance as these fish are ambush predators. Mulloway will sit in the deep holes waiting for all the bait fish to be washed out with the fresh water. So if you are bored, head out to your local river armed with a least 10 or 15 kg line and some fresh fillets or better live bait. Try this on a run-out tide late evening. Good luck.

This is one of Saltwater fishing tips, MAIN TIP /Absolutely No need to go casting too far! 

When we go for a walk along the river bank I always see people with big sinkers casting out as far as they can and catching bugger all!!! So here is a little tip, Look along the bank for structure, Old trees, rocks, pylons, piers, etc. If you're fishing off a pier, don't use a sinker just drop your bait next to the pylons and let it sink slowly. If you're fishing from the shore cast next to the structure with just enough weight (sinker) to stop your bait drifting away. You could only be casting 10 feet from the shore! If you're going to fish around bridge pylons etc, once again use just enough weight to cast to the pylon and hold your bait next to it! Stop casting into the middle of nowhere!!! 

Fishing The Jumpin Pin Bar.

I went for an inshore Pin bar fish on Monday, we started at the weed banks north of Wavebreak Island catching a couple of Pike and a bunch of Squid. When we finally got to the Jumpin Pin bar, the tide was slack on high so I put down a fresh Squid and Graham put on a live Pike and we started our drift. After about an hour I caught a 2 kg Squire (not expected!) and straight after Graham pulled the hooks on a good fish. Half an hour later I hooked something very fast that took off out of Jumpin Pin Bar and broke me off on the bottom. After that we just got pickers destroying our baits so we called it quits. No Mulloway today.

The rig and gear Saltwater fishing tips use.

The rig I used to drift fish the Jumpin Pin bar was a 

running sinker rig. 2 x 8/0 snelled octopus hooks on an 80 lb 

2-foot leader with a 60 kg small black swivel, with a 

size 8 ball sinker. This is attached to my 3 meters 80 lb Wind-on leader. 

The live bait outfit is a 30 lb Monster mesh jig rod with a Shimano Ocea spooled with 30lb Spider Wire.

Chasing Squid And Kingfish On The Gold Coast Broadwater.

Over the past few days I have been hitting the Broadwater pretty hard as I can not get offshore, So here are just a few saltwater fishing tips we have been using to catch a few Squid and Yellowtail Kingfish from around Wavebreak Island.  The first tip is we are fishing the last 2 hours of the run in tide, early morning and late afternoon. Second tip is we are fishing over the grass banks in 1 to 1, 1/2 meter of very clear water, when we are chasing the Squid we are slowly drifting with the jigs only a few feet from the boat (just enough line out) to have your jig slow drifting just above the grass on the bottom. 3 rd tip is no action with the rods just lay them on the side of the boat and let the gentle rocking of the boat move your Squid Jigs. 

Ok now the Gold Coast kingfish, these fish spook really easily around the Broadwater so the main tip is to be very quiet! And hope there is no one else chasing them as this makes them almost impossible to catch.

Tip 2 has a live Squid rigged up sitting in the bait tank ready to go on a 30 lb spin outfit and when you see the Kingies break the surface quietly sneak into casting distance and lob a live Squid into the school and hang the hell on! That's it! too easy!!

One more thing I use a 2 meter 60 lb trace with 2 snelled 7/0 Shinto octopus hooks. That's it, no sinkers the Squid has to look natural when it hits the water.

So there really isn't any secrets to fishing the Gold Coast Broadwater just be quiet and patience.

The Gear.

Nothing flash just some basic Squid jigs but the natural color works very well. A simple 2 hook snelled rig to catch the Gold Coast Broadwater Yellowtail Kingfish. My reel for chasing Kingfish is a Shimano sustain 6000 spooled with 30 lb braid on a nice 10 to 15 kg spin stick.

My rod is a Palms Rod.

My squid rod is a Daiwa Black label 1.5 to 3 kg spin rod.

My Squid reel is a 1000 Quantum smoke filled with 4 lb braid.

This is the leader and hooks I use for chasing Kingies.60 lb 10x leader and Shinto 7/0 octopus hooks.

I hope this helps from Saltwater fishing tips.

Good luck and Tight Lines.

Shark Fishing In The Gold Coast Seaway.

Saltwater fishing tips,

Last night l Graham and I were planning on chasing Jewfish in the seaway, but it ended up being a Shark trip! We left the ramp at 5:30 pm and headed straight to North Wavebreak Island to slow troll small hard body lures around the weed banks for Pike. Chasing Pike just on dark was hard going, but we ended up getting a few by 7:00 pm.  By this stage, we didn't know we were about to go Shark fishing, as we still had an hour before the tide changed we went to the back of Seaworld to chase some fresh Squid over high tide. What a waste of time that was!  Around 8:30 pm we went and dropped anchor off the end of the north wall, by this time the current was going out and it was time to put some live baits on the bottom. 5 mins later the Shark fishing began, within 1 hour we landed 3 small Whaler Sharks and lost 2 big ones and that was all the bait we had. So much for chasing Jewies.

I learned one thing, Sharks bloody love Pike on the bottom when fishing the end of the seaway north wall at night with a run-out tide. If we had more Pike we could have caught a heap of them If you plan on going Shark fishing try this method with wire to land the big ones. Don't forget we were meant to be chasing Mulloway so we didn't have wire traces!

Saltwater fishing tips for seaway Shark fishing.

The gear I would choose for chasing Sharks in the seaway is a good old TLD 15 spooled  10 or 15 kg mono on a short stroker rod

I would make a 100 + pound wire trace around 2 meters long with octopus 8/0 hooks and small 60 kg black swivels.

South East Queensland GPS Marks.

Offshore Gold Coast GPS marks not far from the seaway.

I hope this list f GPS marks from Saltwater fishing tips help you in your fishing around the GC.

Saltwater Fishing Tips is here to help you catch bigger, better fish, more often and the list of Gold Coast GPS marks below should get you on your way.

S 27.56.935 E 153.28.015  The Pinnacles

S 27 56.632 E 153 26.647 Bait Ground

S 27 57.698 E 153 30.717 24 Fathom Reef

S 27 56.905 E 153 27.954 Bump

S 27 57.155 E 153 26.990 1 Mile Reef

S 27 56.474 E 153 29.518 Shells Reef

S 28.04.26 E  153.35.55 Jew Reef

S 28.04.300 E 153.29.300 Gravel Patch

S 28 06 37 E 153 28 70 Palm Beach Reef

S 28.02.500 E 153.27.200 Mermaid Reef

S 28.00.910 E 153.31.610 Casino Reef

S 28 00 736 E 153 31 510 Broadbeach 24

S 27 59 650 E 153 28 710 Trag

S 27 59 190 E 153 30 790 Golden Gate

S 27.57.707 E 153.30.695 Diamond Reef

S 27.48.102 E 153.33.200 Cotton Reef

S 27 40.04 E 150 42.00 NE Pin

S 27.23.31 E 153.33.10 Flat Rock

S 27.17.284 E 153.37.007 Sevens Reef

S 27 34 70 E 153 35 74 The Cathedrals

S 27.29.64 E 153.36.22 Cathedral Reef



S 27.59.91 E 153.29.26

S 27.59.65 E 153.28.71

S 27.58.137 E 153.30.665

S 27.57.442 E 153.30.598

S 27.56.086 E 153.30.61

S 27.55.24 E 153.30.81

S 27.55.98 E 153.29.28

Enjoy these Gold Coast GPS marks.

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