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How to use big lures for Flathead.

How to use big lures for Flathead.

I get asked alot on how to use big shallow running lures for Flathead so I will try to explain on what I do. First thing is you must have a good stiff light rod for this kind of fishing. I have noticed that my friends

cannot get the action I get with the same lures and the simple reason is that their rods are too soft in the tip for these types of lures. The reason you need a stiff tip is that when you twitch your rod that action goes

through to the lure. With a light rod the tips bends and the lure doesn't do what its meant to do. My rod of choice is a G-Loomis NRX 803 this rod is perfect for this type of fishing being it is very light, stiff and you

can cast it all day if you match it with a light reel (Luvis, Stadic ci4, etc). Saying that you don't have to buy that paticular rod just something similar or ask your local tackle shop for advice.

How to work the lures.

This part is simple just cast the lures over the flats and use an aggressive twitching action with a short pause in between and while twitching keep winding slowly as most of these lures float and soon as you stop they float straight up.

Lets try to make sense of this, the lures I run are a very slow float which means they don't float straight to the surface they are more like a suspending lure which means when I pause my lures stay in the strike zone longer, and the Flathead hit on the pause so if your lure floats to the surface fast this action won't work! There is a cheat for fast floating lures just get some soldering wire and you can put a couple of wraps around the shanks

of the hooks and this will turn your fast floating lure into a slow floating or sinking lure depending on how many wraps you do with the soldering wire. This will be trial and error on your part, just grab a bucket of water

and start testing.

One last tip.

Using sinking lures for this type of fishing won't work as we are working these lures over grass and weed banks and your lure needs to stay above the weed when you pause in between the twitching.

If this all seems confusing just watch the video below.

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