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Making a live bait rig for Marlin.

Making a live bait rig for Marlin.

How to make a Live Bait Marlin Rig.

I am going to give you a run down on the most popular live bait rig we use here on the Gold Coast for small Black Marlin.

You will need.

100 pound leader. (Jinki, Back Magic, etc)

8/0 to 10/0 inline circle hooks

Crimps to suit leader

Size 6 to 8 Lumo Sinkers

Size 16 rubber bands 

Bait needle

Making the Rig.

Cut the 100 pound leader into 1 metre lengths and crimp the circle hook on loosely so it is free swinging. On the other end crimp a 3 inch loop. Ok on the loop end put the size 6 sinker so it sits on top of the crimp and clip the loop onto your snap swivel on your main line. The sinker should now be fixed in-between the crimp and snap swivel. 

Video on how to make the rig.

How to use the rig.

With this rig you can change sinker size depending on current, bait depth and wind. I usually run two baits with different size sinkers, one small (size 4 ball) one big (size 8) so I am fishing one deep bait (70 metres) and one shallow (25 metres). Now work out your drift so you drift along the side of the bait school. NOT through the middle of it.

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