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My special Snapper rig.

My special Snapper rig.

Secret Snapper Rig.

As a lot of you know me and know that over the years I have caught a lot of big Snapper here off the Gold Coast, I am now going to share with you the rig I haved used for years to catch the Snapper.

The rig I am about to share with you is just a float lining rig with a slight difference. The difference with my rigs is that I run a lumo tube and bead on them! I don't use lumo sinkers as they cost too much nowadays and the tube and beads have a purpose. My rigs have a pair of snelled hooks 2/0 to 5/0 depending on what I am chasing (Squire or big Snapper). The lumo tube between the hooks is an attractant and a line protector, the bead is also lumo but I use it in between the sinker and the hook to stop the sinker bouncing on the metal hook.

What you will need to make the rig.

1 Metre of 30lb flurocarbon leader.

2 x 2/0 to 5/0 octopus hooks.

1 x Small lumo bead.

1 x 1mm lumo tube.

1 x small ball sinker.

1 x small crane swivel

How to make the rig.

First / Tie one hook onto the end of the line.

Second / Put on around a 2 inch long lumo tube.

Third / Snell on your second hook.

Fourth / Put on the small lumo bead.

Fifth / put on the sinker (Size depends on current and depth).

Sixth / Tie swivel on other end.

How to Use the rig properly.

There is a bit of a technique to float lining and a lot of people I take out get too bored too quick and put their rod in the rod holder and wonder why I am taking Snapper home and they are not!

First thing to do if anchoring is to make sure the boat is on the reef BUT your bait should drift down over the edge of the reef and towards the flat sandy bottom as most big fish will stay along the edge of the reef system NOT ON TOP OF IT! If you are drifting try to drift down the side of the reef NOT DOWN THE MIDDLE OF IT! The next thing to do is work out what size sinker to use and that depends on current and depth.

This will take some trial and error on your part (You want your bait SLOWLY sinking through the water coloumn). Now make sure your drag is set and just drop your baited up rig right at the back of the boat and leave your reel in free spool, now just stand there feeding line off the reel slowly, there should always be slack line between your rod tip and the bait. Now just feed line out until you get a hit or you think you are on the bottom if this is the case wind up and repeat. It is slow fishing but usually when you get hit in the top half of the water coloumn its a big red.

One more tip.

When you do get a screaming run DON'T STRIKE straight away you will miss! While the fish is running click your reel into gear and wind fast until you feel the weight of the fish then strike and hang on!

If you strike too early you are only pulling on the belly in the line and the fish will usually drop the bait and its all over before it begins.

I hope this helps, Good Luck and tight lines.

Posted by S.G

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