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Mackerel Fishing Rig.
Fishing Rig For Mackerel.Here is the rig I use to chase Spanish and Spotted Mackerel, I hope you enjoy these rigs and the step by step videos. In this first video is my all time favorite rig,  it is for rigging Garfish/Slimie Mackeral for Spanish Mackerel and it also works very well on Wahoo!The Bits And Pieces.First, you will need some hooks and I use Mustard Tarpon 7766-DT 6/0 for rigging large Garfish/Slimie Mackeral. Next, I use a single strand Mason wire usually 54 pounds. You will also need small strong black swivels and some nose cones. The little squids is also a must for this rig..
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Gold Coast Offshore Mulloway Tips and Techniques
Gold Coast Offshore Mulloway Tips and Techniques. HOW TO / THE BASICS.For this part, I am going to tell you how I fish the Gold Coast artificial blocks (marks at the bottom of the page) for Jewies. I usually start fishing around 4 pm and fish until 8 pm if I have not got a Jewie by that time I am not going to catch one. Always use fresh bait (live or fillets) but I usually use both, next is how to catch Mulloway offshore.I put a live bait on my Tld 15 with a size 8 sinker and drop it straight to the bottom and then wind up two turns of the handle just to have the live bait just off the bo..
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How to catch Cobia.
The Capture of my 51 kg Cobia.Below you will find out everything you need to know to go out and catch amazing fish like this absolute beauty, here is the story of what happened to me and how I did it. At the time the Gold Coast waters were full of small Yellowfin Tuna and these fish were driving everyone crazy as they could not get their baits (live and dead) and lures past the small Tuna to catch anything else. It was August and that is the time to chase Cobia here on the Gold Coast, but no one could get past the Yellowfin and one afternoon at work in my local tackle shop a mate bought me in ..
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 Mixed Fishing Techniques and Tips.
Below Are A Few Fishing Techniques And Tips For You To Try Out.Fishing books are full of fishing techniques and tips and are a great tool.As a fisherman I would like to talk a little about books, I am sure we all know that there is an abundance of books and magazines on every topic imaginable to do with fishing available. Just go to any bookstore, library, tackle shop or news agency, you will find fishing books filled with anything and everything you could possibly want to know concerning the wonderful world of fishing. And possibly to your amazement, I applaud the number of fishing techn..
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Gold Coast Shark Fishing
Gold Coast Shark Fishing.Gold Coast shark fishing has grown into a very large sport over the last couple of years and the number of people chasing large sharks off the beach is unbelievable but not everyone can afford the expensive gear for beach fishing  large sharks, so what I am going to do is teach you how to catch small to rather large Sharks in the Gold Coast canals, Gold Coast Seaway and the Jumpinpin Bar on the cheaper side of things.Gold Coast Shark Fishing In The Canals.Over the summer months, the GC canals are teeming with Bull Sharks from small (2 foot) to large (8 to 10 foot)..
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Prawning on the Gold Coast
Gold Coast Prawning.Prawning on the Gold Coast at this time of year when the prawns are thick up around Jacobs Well, Reedy Mars and around the islands Macleay, Russell, and Lamb can be very rewarding and a lot of fun for everyone involved.Gear For Prawning On The Gold Coast.To go Prawning around the Brisbane, Gold Coast area you will need a small open boat around 4.5 meters with plenty of room as you need a fair bit ofspace to cast a 12-foot Prawn net. Next, you will need a top pocket cast net and most tackle shops around the coast will have these in stock at the moment.The other thing you wil..
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Chasing Spanish Mackeral.
Spanish Mackeral.Spanish Mackerel Are Also  Known As Blue Mackerel And King Mackerel.I will talk about different ways of catching Spanish Mackerel, as in,Trolling Hard body lures / Halco / x-raps.Casting Stick baits.Jigging lures/metal slugs.Trolling dead Gar on surface and downrigger Trolling live yakkas / slimies on surface / poor man's rig and downrigger Best time to chase them.Chasing Spanish Mackerel.Chasing Spanish Mackerel can be very easy to quite difficult, depending on how you want to chase them, so I will startoff with what I consider the easiest way to catch the..
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Fishing For Dusky Flathead.
Fishing For Dusky Flathead.Dusky Flathead fishing in South East Queensland can be indulged in pretty much all year round, though the breeding season is Spring, during this time the big breeders 75cm + are always to be released if caught. Flathead is a very good table fish and great fun to chase for all age groups as they are found in water from very shallow to deep channels. Chasing Dusky Flathead is not as easy as you think, everyone thinks you just put a lure in the water and drive around the sandbanks. I wish it was that simple! Below I will tell you what I know about Flathead fishing in So..
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How to catch Mulloway.
Mulloway Fishing.Mulloway also is known as a Jewfish or Silver Jew is a prized catch for anglers in the southern half of Australia. These fish can be very difficult or quite easy to catch depending on where you live and chase them.I grew up in Victoria fishing the Barwon river At Barwon Heads, and Jewfish are a highly prized fish to catch there and very difficult! I know anglers who have fished there for over 30 years and still have not landed one. the average size of a Jewfish in the Barwon River is about 15kgs but it is possible to catch them up to about 40 kgs. I now live on the Gold C..
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 Fishing for Mahi Mahi
Fishing For Mahi Mahi.Mahi Mahi is one of my favorite fish to chase because there are many different methods to catch these fish so it does not get boring doing the same old thing.The other reasons I like to catch Dolphin fish is their fighting ability and they are awesome table fish.Trolling.When I start chasing Dolphin fish here on the Gold Coast it is usually the mid of November and I look for blue clean water with a temperature around 23.c +.One of the easiest ways to catch Dolphin fish is to troll for them and they will respond to a large variety of trolled lures but my favorite is to tro..
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How to catch Tailor.
How To Catch Tailor Fish.There are several ways how to catch tailor and most people use a whole Pilchard on ganged hooks fishing in the surf.What I am going to do is run you through some of the most common and uncommon ways to catch Tailor fish I hope you enjoy these basic but fun ways to catch Tailor.The Gear For Tailor.Depending on where you are chasing Tailor the most common outfit is a 13-foot surf rod with a 6 inch Alvey filled with 10 or 15 kg mono, this outfit is most commonly used when fishing the surf gutters with Pilchards. If you are lure fishing for them most guys nowadays use a 10..
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Wahoo Trolling
Chasing Wahoo.Well, its that time of year again when the Wahoo start to show up here off the Gold Coast. I love chasing these speedsters especially on light gear, man can these fish make any reels scream! There are a couple of different ways to catch these fish. But before we get into that you will need to find warm clean blue water, you will not find them in the murky green water.Live Bait Fishing.If there is a lot of bait around and not much wind I like to slow troll a pattern of four livies with two down deep running off downriggers and the other two running shallowoff the riggers. When you..
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Mackerel On Surface.
Mackerel Spinning With Surface Lures.I  have been getting tired of fishing for Mackerel the same old way year after year, we troll hardbody lures and sometimes bait for these fishwhich works very well when you are just after a good feed. But for me and a few people, I know we chase them for sport (catch and release)so I thought this year is going to be different! Instead of trolling the same old lures I will be doing something that has not taken off onthe Gold Coast YET! This year I plan on casting for these fish a lot, I know other parts of the world do this very successfullyand a lot of..
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Fishing the Gold Coast
Gold Coast Broadwater.The Gold Coast Broadwater is an awesome fishing and boating paradise. The Gold Coast area of Australia is situated on the South East coast of Queensland, and one of the most beautiful and active parts of the Coast is it's Broadwater. The Broadwater sits at the Northern end, between Southport and Runaway Bay and there are many boat launching places around the Broadwater for trailer boats, plus anchorage for houseboats. The Broadwater also gives access to the Nerang and Coomera Rivers, from there to many kilometers of canals and man-made waterways. Along the southern end of..
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How to catch Yellowtail Kingfish.
Yellowtail Kingfish TipsYellowtail Kingfish are thought of as a great sporting fish, they can be found as far north as Central Queensland, to all around the southern coast of Australia. Eating wise, the more southern fish are definitely better, the more northern, the less edible the flesh. The Kingfish is often taken while trolling live baits/lures in shallower southern waters in reefy, rocky habitats that hold the bait on a downrigger, but the most effective method is by jigging in deeper waters further north again in reefy rocky habitats. Kingfish are very visual predators so therefore surfa..
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