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Tips on using my mackeral rigs.

Tips on using my mackeral rigs.

How to use my mackeral rigs.

Now most people think you just throw these rigs in the water and troll around and that does work at times but there are a couple of things you can do to improve your strike rates. The small 3 hook rig is for slow trolling

Pilchards, Yakkas, etc and the larger rig with 4 hooks is for Garfish, Tailor, Bonito, etc. Both rigs work the same way and these tips will work for both, First thing is to get them swimming right (video below) next is to

set out at least 2 baits. Try to put out at least one of each size as you don't know on what the Mackeral will feed on that day.

First Tip.

Now as we have 2 or more baits out swimming is the time to watch the sounder closely and try to find bait schools or the Mackeral themselves and when you do STOP! and let the baits sink down to the desired depth the bait or Mackeral are sitting at then slowly drive away and pull the baits back towards the surface and this is the time the Mackeral usually hit and if not repeat the process a few time until you are satisfied the Mackeral are not

there or feeding.

Second Tip.

If you have a downrigger you can run these rigs on them and what I do is to set one behind the downrigger at a desired depth and run two more just under the surface and I run one large and one small on the surface and once again I just look for bait schools or Mackeral marks on the sounder and once found just keep working that area.

Third Tip.

The slower you troll with these rigs the longer the baits will last and you will get more hook ups. With most boats just put the engine in gear and that is the fastest you go. Some engines are quiet fast in idle so with

these engines just put them in and out of gear to slow right down.

Good Luck and have fun.

Posted by S.G

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