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How to tie a quick and simple rig for Spotted Mackerel with wire.

What You will need To Make A Quick And Easy Wire Rig.

20 lb Flurocarbon leader.

Light Spin Outfit / 3000 reel / 7 foot 4-6 kg rod

4/0 octopus hook

27 pound coated soft multi strand wire

First thing to do is tie the hook on with a simple loop knot (watch video)

Next thing to do is cut wire, make around a foot long,

And finally join wire to your fluorocarbon leader with a simple Albright knot.

This rig works very well for Spotted Mackerel when fishing with Pilchards in a burley trail. You do not use a sinker with this rig just cast your bait out at the back of the boat and let the bait slowly drift down the water column with the burley.

How To Fish With This Simple Rig For Spotted Mackerel.

When fishing this way it is also a good idea to have at least four rods. I like to cast at all different angles and distances then put in the rod holders with the bail arms open. I leave the bail arms open so the bait can slowly drift out and sink down through the water column. This is a great easy way to chase Spotted Mackerel. All you do now is keep sending out burley until one of the rods takes off. Chasing Mackerel this way is something the whole family can do and is a lot of fun when the fish show up.

TIP. While waiting for a bite you should be casting small metal slugs around the Berley trail. Cast out as far as possible and let the metal lure sink down near the bottom and then wind up as fast as possible. This will sometimes trigger shy fish to bite. Good Luck

If you have any questions about this video please ask them in the comment section below.

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