Mackeral Live Bait Trolling Rig Kits

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This is a very simple but effective rig to use for Mackeral with live baits. You can float line or troll with this live bait rig for Spanish and Spottie Mackeral. I will show you in detail on how to make this simple rig in the video below. I will also do another video on how to bait up and use these rigs properly.

The Live Bait Trolling Kit Contains.

A short length of 40-pound multi-strand stainless wire.

2 x Crimps to suit wire.

1 x Small black swivel.

1 x Gamakatsu Siwash hook (size 1).

1 x VMC 3Xstrong treble hook (num 2).

1 x Small ball sinker (size 1).

Follow the step by step video below.


In the video below I show you how to bait up three different types of Mackeral rigs, so make sure you watch the whole video.

These rigs do really work well.


Setting a downrigger for Mackeral.






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