Spanish Mackeral Trolling Rig Kits

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These rigs are very easy to make and use and the best thing is that they are deadly on Spanish Mackeral. These trolling rigs are designed to slow troll dead baits, such as Tailor, Garfish and Slimie Mackeral. You can slow troll them as is or put them behind a downrigger to troll deeper. I find these rigs work best if you can find a bait school and slow troll around it.

TIP: If you do not have a downrigger and are slow trolling around bait schools, just stop your boat and let the baits sink down into the bait school and slowly drive off. Doing this usually encourages a strike. 

The Kit Contains.

1 Foot of 69-pound single strand wire.

1 Nose cone

1 Small plastic squid

1 Swivel

4 x Mustad 7766 hooks 6/0

1 Net lead

Good luck and tight lines.

How to bait up this rig.

These rigs work well.

In the video below I show you how to bait up three different types of Mackeral rigs, so make sure you watch the whole video.


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