Hardbody Lures

All fisherman have at least one hardbody lure in their tackle box and on this page, you will find all sorts from deep running to suspending and surface lures. Keep a close eye on this page as there will be a good mix of hardbody lures and sizes. 

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Allblue: 2-3meter Diving Lure (Suspending)
These 100mm / 2-3 meter diving lures are good allrounders as you can cast or troll these for a ..
Allblue: Deep Diving Crankbaits
If you are into freshwater fishing then you will love these Deep Diving Crankbaits. All Cod and..
AOCLU: 2 Meter Diving Small Minnow
These small minnows are a top little lure for a lot of different species in fresh and saltwater, I p..
Bearking: 12.5cm Sinking Stick bait
With Mackeral season coming up these 12.5cm / 28-gram sinking stick baits are going to come int..
Bearking: 14cm Shallow Running
I like these shallow running hardbody lures as you can do so much with them and chase a lot of ..
Bearking: 8.5cm Floating Stick Baits
Fishing with Stick Baits is some of the best fishing you will ever do! The surface strikes are aweso..
Entice: Woodpecker Stickbaits
If you after a nice little stick bait to use around your local rivers and entrances, look no further..
Hengja: 8cm Shallow Running minnow
These 8cm Shallow Running minnows are nice little lures for freshwater, I think they would..
Jerry: 7cm Whiting Stick Baits
These top little 7cm stick baits catch pretty much all species from Whiting, Bream to Trevally ..
Jerry: Slow Sinking Shallow Divers
I decided to get these Slow Sinking Shallow Divers as they look like some great Flathead lures ..
Jerry: Tiny Stick Baits
These tiny stick baits are only 5.5 cm long and would make awesome Whiting stick baits but saying th..
Kingdom: 130mm Lips Less Minnow
These 130mm subsurface minnows are awesome for chasing fish such as Tailor and Aussie Salmon around ..
Kingdom: 18 cm Sinking Pencil
These big sinking pencils are new in and I am looking forward to the pelagic season so I can do some..
Kingdom: 95mm Lip Less Minnow
These 95mm subsurface minnows are awesome for chasing fish such as Tailor, Trevally, Small Kingfish ..
Large Wooden Stick Baits
These are a beautifully made wooden stick bait, at 21.5 cm long and 60.5 grams they are the perfect ..
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