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Making a live bait rig for Marlin.
How to make a Live Bait Marlin Rig.I am going to give you a run down on the most popular live bait rig we use here on the Gold Coast for small Black Marlin.You will need.100 pound leader. (Jinki, Back Magic, etc)8/0 to 10/0 inline circle hooksCrimps to suit leaderSize 6 to 8 Lumo SinkersSize 16 rubber bands Bait needleMaking the Rig.Cut the 100 pound leader into 1 metre lengths and crimp the circle hook on loosely so it is free swinging. On the other end crimp a 3 inch loop. Ok on the loop end put the size 6 sinker so it sits on top of the crimp and clip the loop onto your snap swivel on ..
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My special Snapper rig.
Secret Snapper Rig.As a lot of you know me and know that over the years I have caught a lot of big Snapper here off the Gold Coast, I am now going to share with you the rig I haved used for years to catch the Snapper.The rig I am about to share with you is just a float lining rig with a slight difference. The difference with my rigs is that I run a lumo tube and bead on them! I don't use lumo sinkers as they cost too much nowadays and the tube and beads have a purpose. My rigs have a pair of snelled hooks 2/0 to 5/0 depending on what I am chasing (Squire or big Snapper). The lumo tube between ..
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Tips on using my mackeral rigs.
How to use my mackeral rigs.Now most people think you just throw these rigs in the water and troll around and that does work at times but there are a couple of things you can do to improve your strike rates. The small 3 hook rig is for slow trollingPilchards, Yakkas, etc and the larger rig with 4 hooks is for Garfish, Tailor, Bonito, etc. Both rigs work the same way and these tips will work for both, First thing is to get them swimming right (video below) next is toset out at least 2 baits. Try to put out at least one of each size as you don't know on what the Mackeral will feed on that day.Fi..
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Sea Fishing Rigs
Sea Fishing Rigs.I am going to let you know what sea fishing rigs I use for my offshore fishing adventures. Tips on where to use them with what bait and what species I catch when using these different fishing rigs.Paternoster Rig.The Paternoster Rig is one of the most commonly used sea fishing rigs for offshore fishing as it will catch a very large variety of fish. It can be made with one hook or three hooks, just make sure you know your rules for the area you are fishing! When making Paternoster Rigs you can either use swivels for your branch lines or tie a simple knot to make a loop for your..
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