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How to use big lures for Flathead.
I get asked alot on how to use big shallow running lures for Flathead so I will try to explain on what I do. First thing is you must have a good stiff light rod for this kind of fishing. I have noticed that my friendscannot get the action I get with the same lures and the simple reason is that their rods are too soft in the tip for these types of lures. The reason you need a stiff tip is that when you twitch your rod that action goesthrough to the lure. With a light rod the tips bends and the lure doesn't do what its meant to do. My rod of choice is a G-Loomis NRX 803 this rod is perfect for t..
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Fishing For Dusky Flathead.
Fishing For Dusky Flathead.Dusky Flathead fishing in South East Queensland can be indulged in pretty much all year round, though the breeding season is Spring, during this time the big breeders 75cm + are always to be released if caught. Flathead is a very good table fish and great fun to chase for all age groups as they are found in water from very shallow to deep channels. Chasing Dusky Flathead is not as easy as you think, everyone thinks you just put a lure in the water and drive around the sandbanks. I wish it was that simple! Below I will tell you what I know about Flathead fishing in So..
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