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Coast Coast GPS Marks.
To all Lures Online readers.As a 20+ year veteran of fishing Gold Coast offshore waters, I have amassed a large collection of GPS marks. These marks have all been productive at certain times of the year catching certain species and I am happy to share them with you. These marks range from Morten Island to Tweed Heads. They are all accessible in a trailer sized boat. I will start out with a page of approx. 50 top marks you will not find anywhere online. I will add more over time so keep a close eye on this page.17 / 27.56.651 153.29.417 /76 / 27.56.271 153.30.219 /Snap / 39.57.619 153.30.788Bai..
Gold Coast Shark Fishing
Gold Coast Shark Fishing.Gold Coast shark fishing has grown into a very large sport over the last couple of years and the number of people chasing large sharks off the beach is unbelievable but not everyone can afford the expensive gear for beach fishing  large sharks, so what I am going to do is teach you how to catch small to rather large Sharks in the Gold Coast canals, Gold Coast Seaway and the Jumpinpin Bar on the cheaper side of things.Gold Coast Shark Fishing In The Canals.Over the summer months, the GC canals are teeming with Bull Sharks from small (2 foot) to large (8 to 10 foot)..
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Fishing the Gold Coast
Gold Coast Broadwater.The Gold Coast Broadwater is an awesome fishing and boating paradise. The Gold Coast area of Australia is situated on the South East coast of Queensland, and one of the most beautiful and active parts of the Coast is it's Broadwater. The Broadwater sits at the Northern end, between Southport and Runaway Bay and there are many boat launching places around the Broadwater for trailer boats, plus anchorage for houseboats. The Broadwater also gives access to the Nerang and Coomera Rivers, from there to many kilometers of canals and man-made waterways. Along the southern end of..
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Fishing Advice For The Gold Coast.
Fishing the Gold Coast waterways.Southeast Queensland fishing advice. When fishing estuaries you must consider the time of day, tides, structure. So what I am going to do here is a basic break down on where, how and the most common fish to catch in estuaries. Bream are the most sort after fish to catch in estuaries and one of the easiest to catch, the best way to chase them in Queensland is to fish around the structure, bridge and jetty pylons and rock walls with a running sinker rig on a run in tide late afternoon or early morning with mullet, chicken gut, prawns, worms for bait. Flathea..
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