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First Dolphin Fish Trip Of The Season 3/12/19.
First Dolphin Fish Trip Of The Season.Yesterday (Monday) it was blowing around 30 to 35 knots of westerly according to the seaway tower and Tuesday morning looked good according to the weather man so Neil and I decided we would head out Tuesday morningto the NE 36 fathom line and see if we could find some of these Dolphin fish people are talking about.We left Loders creek boat ramp at 6:15 am and cruised out to the NE 36 fathom line at 20 knots, we could not believe how calm it was. Once we stopped at the 36s we noticed how dirty and cold the water wasand did not have high hopes for finding a ..
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Saltwater Lures Back To Basics.
Saltwater Lures.There are so many saltwater lures on the market today, so I am going to do is run you through the lures I use, what I catch on them and when I use them.Hardbody lures for offshore.Over the summer months here off the Gold Coast is our pelagic time and we get everything from Marlin to Mackerel, and there are only two types of lures I use to catch these species. The first ones are Pakula skirted lures in mixed colors when I am chasing Marlin, Tuna and Mahi Mahi. I run a pattern of 5 lures with the darker lures in close to the boat and the lighter colors further out (Riggers). Trol..
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Wahoo Trolling
Chasing Wahoo.Well, its that time of year again when the Wahoo start to show up here off the Gold Coast. I love chasing these speedsters especially on light gear, man can these fish make any reels scream! There are a couple of different ways to catch these fish. But before we get into that you will need to find warm clean blue water, you will not find them in the murky green water.Live Bait Fishing.If there is a lot of bait around and not much wind I like to slow troll a pattern of four livies with two down deep running off downriggers and the other two running shallowoff the riggers. When you..
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Lure Basics.A lot of people are trying out fishing lures for the first time so I decided to help them out by posting what I catch on them, plus how and where to use them.Blade Fishing Lures.Blades work very well especially in river systems for fish such as Flathead, Bream, Silver Trevally, Tailor, and Aussie Salmon. I like to slow jig Blades in deeper water over a tide change, and I don't jig the whole water column just the bottom half, the techniques are very easy. 1 Drop the blade to the bottom and then slow lift rod up then drop back to bottom and repeat, this technique works the bottom for..
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