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Allblue: 2-3meter Diving Lure (Suspending)
These 100mm / 2-3 meter diving lures are good allrounders as you can cast or troll these for a ..
Allblue: Deep Diving Crankbaits
If you are into freshwater fishing then you will love these Deep Diving Crankbaits. All Cod and..
Jerry: Slow Sinking Shallow Divers
I decided to get these Slow Sinking Shallow Divers as they look like some great Flathead lures ..
Megabass Suspending.
Small Suspending Lures. These Shading-x lures look and swim bloody fantastic and I found that the..
Megabass: Dive Elbo
These Dive Elbo lures can be used in fresh or saltwater. Their unique design gives them a slow ..
Megabass: DX-FREE Deep Diving Lures
Deep Diving Freshwater Lures. If you are after a great deep diving freshwater lure look no furthe..
Noeby: Offshore Trolling Lures
These are nice and strong deep diving lures for pelagics and I would suggest running these lures on ..
Scuba: Small Suspending Hardbody
The small suspending hardbody lures are awesome for a huge variety of species as these lures are onl..
SeaKnight: Diving Lure110mm
These 110mm Diving Lures look good and I think they will make great Mangrove Jack and Barra lures. I..
Sunpulse: Shallow running hardbody lures
I have been using these Shallow running hardbody lures over the flats with great success catching Fl..
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