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Anzhenji: Slow Pitch Jigs
Some more 60-gram slow pitch jigs for fishing our offshore reef systems for a large variety of speci..
Blue Wings: 40 gram micro jigs
These are nice little Micro Jigs for chasing Snapper around our close reefs. I do catch a bunch of m..
Entice: Flop 60
The flop 60 is a great little flutter jig for our close reefs. A large variety of reef fish respond ..
FishKing: 30 Gram Micro Jigs
Nice little micro jigs for inshore and close reef fishing. They come in some nice colors including l..
FishKing: 50-Gram Micro Jigs
Nice little micro jigs for fishing slightly deeper water (40 to 80 mtrs) chasing Snapper, Pearl Perc..
Fjord: Small 40 Gram Jigs
Some more nice little 40 Gram lumo jigs for the offshore fisherman. Item specifics Hot 40g/60g..
FTK: Lumo Micro Jigs
If you have ever thought about trying micro jigging at night these jigs are for you! These 30-gram j..
Hayabusa: Kick Tail Jigs
If you are looking for something a little different in a jig give these kick tails a crack! With a v..
Hayabusa: Slow Pitch 120
These 120 gram Hayabusa slow pitch jigs are a perfect size for jigging around the 80-meter mark for ..
Jig Hooks
It is always handy to have a few different size jig hooks as you will never know which ones you will..
Jig Hooks
A pack of three jig hooks to suit 20 to 30-gram jigs. These are strong cheap jig hooks...
Jon Star: 40 Gram Flutter Jigs
Great action on these pink / blue 40 flutter jigs, my first time out with these lures produced a few..
JonStar: 60 Gram Pink Flutter Jig
Nice pink flutter jigs for chasing reef fish around the 60 to 80-meter mark.  Specifications..
LureKiller: 60 Gram Slow Pitch Jigs
More nice flutter jigs for chasing all sorts of species around our reef systems. These 60-gram, 8.7c..
Proberos: 80G  Squid Flutter
These 80-gram flutter jigs are quite small which makes them a great little jig for our close reefs w..
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