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Afishlure: 14 cm Soft Plastics
If you are looking for a good soft plastic for Mulloway, look no further as these 14 cm paddle tail ..
Afishlure: Small Soft Grubs
These very small grubs will make good finesse lures for both fresh and saltwater. With a very small ..
Allblue: 12 cm Paddle Tail Soft Plastics
These soft plastic lures are a little different as they are not as soft as other plastics but do hav..
Amlucas: 12cm Plastics
These two-piece paddle tail plastics will make great plastics for hunting Mulloway around our r..
Amlucas: 95 mm Paddle Tail Plastics
These 95 mm Paddle Tail Plastics are a little different in their color schemes and shape. They ..
Bearking: 10 cm Paddle Tails
These soft plastics are something special as they have an awesome action and color range. I must adm..
Entice: Gotcha Big Plastics.
These 18cm paddle tail plastics are an awesome big plastic for a large variety of species. You can u..
Entice: Grub Tails
The Entice soft plastics are made similar to the Zman lures, they are a nice soft stretchy lure that..
Entice: Viber 3 Plastics
These 3-inch paddle tail plastics are a good allrounder for a large variety of species, they are sof..
FakeBait: Paddle Tail Soft Baits
These are some nice little 90 mm paddle tail soft plastics. You will be able to chase all sorts of s..
John Coo: 11.5cm Paddle Tail Plastics
These big plastics will be fantastic for jigging deep holes in our river systems for fish like schoo..
JonStar: 12cm White Soft Plastics
If you are after a good and easy soft plastics to use for Flathead, these are the ones! The pla..
Meredith: Small 5cm Paddle Tail Plastics
Nice little soft plastics for Bream, Trout, Bass, Perch, etc. These little 5cm Paddle Tail Plastics ..
Mereking: 80mm D Minnow
The good old soft plastic D Minnow shapes, What else can I say! These plastics catch prett..
Noeby: 10 cm Paddle Tail Plastics
These are top quality 10 cm paddle tail plastics. They work well on a large variety of species inclu..
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