Shark Rig Kits for Canal/River fishing

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These Shark Traces are very simple to make and use. They are designed to catch small Bull Sharks (2 to 6 foot) in our canal/river systems, they can be used as is to let your live bait swim around freely or with a sinker to hold a fillet or whole fish on the bottom. I have made the kits with circle hooks so you can release the Sharks unharmed. The trace line is a soft stainless wire which can be easily cut by a good pair of pliers. 

The Kit Contains.

1 meter of 100-pound Stainless multi-strand wire.

10/0 circle hook

2 x Copper double sleeve crimps

1/0 47 kg rolling swivel

Watch the video below for a step by step guide on how to put it together.


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