Lure Star: 110mm Deep Diving Lure

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With Flathead season starting up for us here in South East Queensland I thought I would bring in something a little different for Flathead fishing. These 110 mm 3 meter divers are fantastic for trolling the deeper edges of our sandbanks looking for that elusive big Dusky. We all know that trolling along the banks with shallower runners such as Micro mullets and Zereks works very well and we all struggle to find a small deeper diver that will work that deeper edge we all wanted to fish. These Lure Star TD 70 will dive to 3 meters plus and have a fantastic action. Give them a try!

Lure Specifics

  • Brand Name: Lurestar
  • Position: River, Bays, Canals
  • Category: Diving Lure
  • Net weight:10g
  • Length:110mm
  • Depth 3 meters

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