Floatling Rigs For Squire

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Squire Rigs.

These rigs are my favorite when it comes to catching Snapper of all sizes. Wheather you are chasing large or small reds floatling is the only way to go in deeper water with low current.

I designed these rigs espacially for Snapper with plenty of lumo. These smaller rigs work well with Pilchards for bait and are designed to catch smaller Snapper (Squire or Pinkies) as known in the lower states. 

They are made up with.

2 X Octopus 3/0 hook

Approx 1 Metre 20 lb Fluro leader

1 x Black crane Swivel

1 x Small ball sinker

1 x Lumo Bead

1 X Lumo Tube

These Pre made rigs come in a two pack and are ready to go fishing.

How to bait up these rigs.



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