Hunthouse: Topwater Lure With A Tail Spinner

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These saltwater topwater lures are a little different as they have a soft rubber spinning tale end. These lures really stir up the water and make some noise which species like Trevally, Salmon, Tailor and Tuna species really enjoy. I have been using these at night and catching plenty of Small GT"s, Bigeye Trevally and Tailor. I do think they would also work very well on Mangrove Jacks at night.


Item specifics

  • Brand Name: Hunt house
  • Position: River, Ocean, Beach Fishing, River, Bays, Canals
  • Type: Surface Lures
  • Length:90mm(3.55in)
  • Weight:13g(0.029lb)
  • Color:2 colors
  • Type: Pencil
  • Material: ABS
  • Package: PET box
  • Hook: VMC hook
  • Tail: Unique rotatable soft tail
  • Name: Whopper Plopper 90

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